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2009-08-05 11:20:00

In a finding that challenges the increasingly popular belief that smoking marijuana is less harmful to health than smoking tobacco, researchers in Canada are reporting that smoking marijuana, like smoking tobacco, has toxic effects on cells

2009-04-14 08:25:00

Smoking both tobacco and marijuana increases the risk of respiratory symptoms and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), found a study in CMAJ. Smoking only marijuana, however, was not associated with increased risks.

2009-04-07 09:12:37

Smoking cigarettes is not only the principle cause of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), but it may change the body's immune responses to bacteria that commonly cause exacerbations of the disease, according to new research in a mouse model.

2008-08-25 12:01:19

HARRISBURG, Pa., Aug. 25 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Department of Health continues to educate the public about the Sept.

2008-08-18 11:15:00

A previously unrecognized group of air pollutants could have effects remarkably similar to harmful substances found in tobacco smoke. Inhaling those pollutants exposes the average person up to 300 times more free radicals daily than from smoking one cigarette, they added.

2008-06-25 09:03:32

By Maddalena Jackson, The Sacramento Bee, Calif. Jun. 25--As the Sacramento area settled into what promises to be a week of hazy air, more attention was being paid to what that could mean in terms of health.

2008-06-24 02:25:00

By Dr. Paul Saville Inhaling the smoke of burning coal, wood or leaves is bad for you. Acrid smoke injures the lungs and leads to chronic obstructive lung disease. Smoke contains chemicals such as benzpyrene, which causes cancer.

2006-07-13 10:50:00

Smoking marijuana can cause changes in lung tissue that may promote cancer growth, according to a review of decades of research on marijuana smoking and lung cancer.

2006-01-22 09:42:53

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - Marijuana growers gathered in Europe's pot-smoking capital on Sunday for a trade show that is taking on the trappings of a major industry fair, complete with scantily clad models, glossy brochures and, of course, samples.

2005-11-18 12:33:57

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Though water pipes are widely viewed as a "safer" way to smoke, they may be as damaging to the teeth and gums as cigarettes are, a new study suggests.

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