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Google Settles Copyright Infringement Suit
2012-10-04 21:13:47

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online Google has announced today they´ve been able to strike a deal with the Association of American Publishers, ending a 7-year spat between the two. With this settlement, Google may have one more stone in place to build out their eBook service, Google Books. In 2005, the AAP, along with McGraw-Hill, Penguin USA, Simon & Schuster, Pearson Education and John Wiley, filed a lawsuit against Google for copyright infringement...

2011-03-23 06:29:14

Google Inc's plans to bring an immense library to the Internet has been dealt a major setback by a US judge on Tuesday, rejecting a settlement with authors and publishers over Google's digital book-scanning project. In a 48-page ruling given 13 months after parties stated their cases in court, US District Court Judge Denny Chin said the proposed deal "is not fair, adequate and reasonable." "While the digitization of books and the creation of a universal digital library would benefit many,...

2010-04-07 10:10:00

Google is facing another obstacle to their plans to offer an online library and bookstore, as a group of photographers, illustrators, and visual artists are preparing to file a class-action lawsuit claiming that the company's attempts to scan and display books is a violation of their copyrights. The new lawsuit is scheduled to be filed on Wednesday by the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP), and a handful of other groups representing other artists, and individual photographers and...

2010-02-05 14:55:00

The Justice Department criticized on Thursday a revised legal agreement that would allow Google Inc. to build a vast digital library, saying the deal failed to address antitrust and copyright concerns. While acknowledging that progress had been made, lawyers with the department told the U.S. District Court in New York that "issues remain." Despite good faith efforts by all involved, the revised agreement "suffers from the same core problem as the original agreement," the department said in a...

2009-10-07 15:57:32

A federal judge in New York set a November 9th deadline on Wednesday for Google and representatives of U.S. authors to submit a renegotiated settlement that would clear the way for millions of out-of-print books to be published online. Although many have praised Google's plan to provide broad access to the books, others have criticized the plan based on antitrust, copyright and privacy grounds. The settlement is an attempt to resolve a 2005 lawsuit brought by the Authors Guild and others...

2009-09-20 07:25:00

The Department of Justice advised a federal judge on Friday to reject a proposed legal settlement between Google Inc. and a large group of authors and publishers.  The agreement would allow the Internet search giant to scan and sell millions of out-of-print books online. In its brief filed late Friday in a U.S. District Court in New York, the Justice Department said the class action settlement raises copyright and anti-trust issues, and threatens to thwart competition and drive up prices...

2009-09-07 12:38:18

Google announced on Monday that it would remove all European books currently on the market from a U.S. agreement to digitize and sell online books that are out of print in the United States. This announcement comes after controversy over plans that the opponents say represents a "big landgrab" of the world's stock of an estimated six million out-of-print and out-of-copyright books. A Google spokeswoman said that the new position means books that are no longer available to U.S. consumers but...

2009-09-03 10:47:31

Retail giant Amazon has now joined in the battle against Google's plan to launch a competitive digital book device, claiming that the deal would compromise copyright law and violate antitrust law. Amazon scans books for its Kindle electronic book device once they obtain permission from the copyright holder. The company is arguing that the court should not allow a settlement between their future competition and the Authors Guild because the deal would change copyright law by enabling Google...

2009-08-27 06:10:00

Microsoft, Yahoo!, Amazon, and non-profit library associations have joined forces to fight a legal settlement which would allow Google to digitize and sell books. The coalition, called the Open Content Alliance, has expressed concerns about "serious legal, competitive, and policy issues" surrounding the Google book project. The group said they are countering the proposed Google Book Settlement in its current form. In October of last year, Google reached a class action settlement on a...

2009-07-03 11:40:00

Reports say that U.S. anti-trust regulators are investigating a $125 million deal Google made with book publishers to settle copyright issues. The deal compensates copyright holders and gives Google a percentage of online book sales and advertisements. U.S. Deputy Assistant Attorney General William Cavanaugh said in a letter filed to the New York District Court that the deal "warrants further inquiry."Some fear that the deal might make Google a monopoly for online books."The US has reviewed...

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