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12 Unusual Shaman's Stones Discovered Near Boquete, Panama
2013-01-15 11:20:40

Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute Archaeologists working at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama have discovered a cluster of 12 unusual stones in the back of a small, prehistoric rock-shelter near the town of Boquete. The cache represents the earliest material evidence of shamanistic practice in lower Central America. Ruth Dickau, Leverhulme Post-doctoral Fellow at the University of Exeter in England, unearthed the cache of stones in the Casita de Piedra...

2008-07-24 10:35:00

Gourmet coffee growers in Panama are starting to clear land illegally and plant in one of the country's few protected highland forest, due to a strong demand for the country's prized flavors. Panama's Environmental Protection Agency discovered 40 acres of clandestine coffee trees nestled deep in the Volcan Baru National Park, last month.  This sparked fears that more forest could be cleared as prices rise. The country's "geisha" beans, which are known for their jasmine-like taste, are...

2006-05-31 07:10:00

By Mike Power BOQUETE, Panama -- Perched on a volcanic plain in the highlands of western Panama, Casey Koehler's luxury mansion looks like a slice of prime Florida real-estate beamed down to Central America. Diamonds flaring in his Rolex watch, the Michigan-born retiree sits on his porch in the resort of Los Molinos and lists reasons for retiring to a country most Americans his age remember best as the scene of a 1989 U.S. invasion. "It's 77 to 82 degrees every day, and it's spectacularly...

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