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DARPA Robotics Challenge Moves Forward
2012-10-25 06:37:53

redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) announced on Wednesday some of the top teams that will compete in its $2 million contest to create robots that can be used to assist in natural disasters and other emergencies. “Robot enthusiasts, the time has come. The “DARPA Robotics Challenge” (DRC) begins today. Will you be part of it?” the agency said as it kicked off the initiative. The DRC was...

DARPA, Boston Dynamics Show Off Robotic Pack Mules
2012-09-11 11:12:43

Watch the Video: DARPA Legged Squad Support System (LS3) Michael Harper for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online Yesterday, two of Boston Dynamics finest 4-legged bots got the chance to strut their stuff in front of some military top brass during a demonstration. These bots are the result of an ongoing effort by DARPA´s Legged Squad Support System (LS3) program which has made it their goal to build “highly mobile, semi-autonomous legged robots” which can not...

DARPA Robot Bolts Past The Competition
2012-09-06 11:32:46

Watch the Video: DARPA´s Cheetah Bolts Past the Competition Michael Harper for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online Hide your kids, hide your wife: Robots can now run up to 28 mph In March, DARPA released a video of their Boston Dynamic´s Cheetah robot running on a treadmill and setting the land speed record for robots with legs, an admittedly short category. Yesterday, DARPA announced that in just under 6 months, they´ve been able to successfully trump their...

DARPA Announces Responder Robot Competition
2012-04-11 06:00:45

The Defense Advanced Research and Planning Agency (DARPA) issued a challenge to robot builders this week, as the move to rely on robots to do our dirty work rolls on. The agency is also asking challengers to keep their minds open, saying these robots don´t have to feature a human-like form. One roboticist, Aaron Edsinger of Meka Robotics in San Francisco, told the New York Times he was already speaking with other builders and considering different forms of inspiration....

2012-03-29 06:23:51

Boston Dynamics, robot creators and engineers, is sending two small robots to the US Army for testing. These creators of these two new robots looked to an unlikely source of inspiration to build these reconnaissance robots: Bugs. Named the Sand Flea and RHex, the two small robots were developed with funding from the Army´s Rapid Equipping Force. They will be sent to the Army´s Test and Evaluation Command (ATEC) where they will await tests to pass safety and reliability...

DARPA Robot Sets Land Speed Record
2012-03-06 05:30:05

[ Watch the Video ] DARPA released a video on Monday of its Boston Dynamics-built robot setting a new land speed record for legged robots at 18-miles-per-hour. In the video, the "Cheetah" robot is galloping at speeds of up to 18 mph, breaking the previous legged robot land speed record of 13.1 mph in 1989. DARPA said the robot's movements are patterned after cheetahs, increasing its stride and running speed by flexing and un-flexing its back on each step. They told Popsci they see...

Robotic Beast Of Burden Makes Outdoor Debut
2012-02-09 05:29:57

[ Watch the Video ] The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is previewing a mechanical beast of burden that would help lighten the load for soldiers. The machine named AlphaDog and built at Boston Dynamics is shown in a newly released video trekking outside in the woods. The video shows the robot raising itself with a load under its own power. Then it manages to negotiate different terrains, going uphill, downhill, and through the woods avoiding obstacles like holes in the...

Boston Dynamics Releases Video Of PETMAN Robot
2011-11-01 05:06:39

[ Watch the Video ] Boston Dynamics has released a video of its PETMAN robot walking on a treadmill, doing squats, and performing push-ups. The company says PETMAN is just "an anthropomorphic robot for testing chemical protection clothing used by the U.S. Army." The robot is supposed to go through various maneuvers wearing a suit and taking heavy doses of chemical warfare agents.  The bot stands about 6 feet tall and can mimic human physiology by generating heat and sweat....

Boston Dynamics Producing New Four-Legged Robot
2011-10-03 11:27:28

Boston Dynamics recently announced a new four-legged robot designed to cover the most rugged terrain. The LS3 is designed to work alongside Soldiers and Marines and can carry up to 400 pounds of equipment. The robot can be programmed to either follow a leader or to automatically go to a location based on GPS points. Boston Dynamics said the robot takes 30 months to develop and the first is set to be completed in 2012. LS3 funding was provided by DARPA and the U.S. Marine Corps and...

2010-08-26 11:20:00

The science behind gecko toes holds the answer to a dry adhesive that provides an ideal grip for robot feet. Stanford mechanical engineer Mark Cutkosky is using the new material, based on the structure of a gecko foot, to keep his robots climbing. A Stanford mechanical engineer is using the biology of a gecko's sticky foot to create a robot that climbs. In the same way the small reptile can scale a wall of slick glass, the Stickybot can climb smooth surfaces with feet modeled on the intricate...

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