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2014-07-12 23:04:00

Highly-rated national distributor Superior Labs introduces their newest product, the Boswellia Extract Dietary Supplement, setting a new standard in healthy dietary supplements. A great alternative for vegetarians, this 100% natural capsule is FDA registered and clinically proven to have long-lasting, effective results. (PRWEB) July 12, 2014 Highly-rated national distributor Superior Labs introduces their newest product, the Boswellia Serrata Dietary Supplement, setting a new standard in...

2014-01-16 23:26:55

Many diseases are characterized by the inflammation of certain body organs. Stop inflammation in its tracks with Natural Body Defense, the newest and the most natural anti-inflammatory support in the market. Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) January 16, 2014 When any part of the body gets inflamed, major diseases start to develop. Whether in traditional or modern medicine, inflammation is a symptom that has to be addressed immediately. Doing so will keep the body well within the predetermined safe...

2013-11-11 23:21:19

Natural Body Defense Anti-inflammatory support is the natural supplement prepared with the natural herbs to maintain the proper inflammatory level. The product has tested clinically and found highly effective to maintain the inflammatory process at healthy level. San Diego,Ca (PRWEB) November 11, 2013 Natural Body Defense Anti-inflammatory support is the new herbal supplement recently launched in the market. The product contains all the herbal ingredients and specially prepared for the...

Frankincense Used As A Medicine
2012-07-09 12:29:31

Pharmacists of University Jena clarify the anti-inflammatory impact of boswellic acids It was one of the gifts of the Magi — in addition to myrrh and gold they offered frankincense to the newly born baby Jesus. Since the ancient world the aromatic fragrance of burning Boswellia resin has been part of many religious ceremonies and is still used as a means to indicate special festive atmosphere in the church today. But frankincense can do much more: "The resin from the trunk of...

Frankincense Supply Under Threat Of Drying Up
2011-12-21 13:59:49

Frankincense, a festive fragrance that has been harvested in the wild in the Middle East and the Horn of Africa since ancient times, is declining so dramatically that production of the resin could be halved over the next fifteen years, according to a new study published in the Journal of Applied Ecology. Frankincense is produced by tapping the gum of trees in the Boswellia genus. It is traditionally used in incense and perfumes around the world and is a key part of the Christmas story --...

2008-06-23 06:00:23

take your vitamins Jo Malone has been known as a fragrance house, mixing eclectic smells to come up with interesting perfumes and colognes. But her Vitamin E line of skin-care products sells at a brisk pace as well. The new Vitamin E Body Treatment Scrub sloughs away surface cells to reveal radiant-looking new skin. The scrub combines anti-oxidant Vitamin E with salt to encourage a youthful glow. Jo Malone Vitamin E Body Treatment Scrub, $75, Neiman Marcus at Fashion Show mall plant-based...

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  • A form of rusticated masonry which is so wrought as to appear thickly indented with worm-tracks.
This word ultimately comes from the Latin 'vermis,' worm.