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Lomatia silaifolia
2014-10-07 10:10:51

Lomatia silaifolia is a shrub species. The plant belongs to the Proteaceae Family. It is commonly referred to as the Crinkle bush or Parsley fern. Lomatia silaifolia is a small shrub with smooth stems. It can grow as high as 3.3 to 6.6 feet. It has extremely pinnate leaves. Pinnate is when there are small leaflets on either side of the stem. Its leaves are sometimes mistaken for parsley....

Lomatia ferruginea
2014-10-07 10:04:02

Lomatia ferruginea is commonly referred to as Fuinque. It is a small tree species that can be found naturally growing only in Chile. It is a member of the Proteaceae family. L. ferruginea is an evergreen tree with only a few branches. The newer shoots are blanketed by reddish-brown hairs. The tree can grow over 20 feet tall. It has fern-like leaves that grow on an average of about 13 to 14...

Hakea laurina
2014-10-06 13:22:41

Hakea laurina is a shrub species that may also be thought of as a small tree species. The plant may be referred to commonly as Kodjet, Pincushion Hakea and the Emu bush. H. laurina belongs to the Proteaceae family. This shrub or tree species is found growing in southwest Australia. Hakea laurina grows between 8 and 19 feet tall. Its narrow leaves measure around 180 millimeters long depending...

Grevillea barklyana
2014-10-06 13:12:43

Grevillea barklyana is a tree from the Proteaceae family native to Australia. It is commonly referred to as Gully Grevillea or Large-leaf Grevillea. G. barklyana can grow up to 26 feet high. It flowers from the months of October to December. The flowers are pinkish in color. It has green leaves that grow between 5 and 27 centimeters long and 2.5 to 12 centimeters wide. G. barklyana is...

2014-10-06 11:16:18

Embothrium is a genus of shrub species in the Proteaceae family. Some of the species include Embothrium coccineum from Chile, Embothrium grandiflorum from Peru, and Embothrium lanceolatum from Chile. Embothrium are large shrubs or trees. They will grow on an average to heights between 33 to 66 feet high with a trunk up to 28 inches wide. They all contain evergreen leaves. They are usually 5...

Banksia vestita
2014-10-06 11:06:53

Banksia vestita is a shrub species native to Western Australia. It is commonly referred to as Summer Dryandria and is a member of the Proteaceae family.  It was actually known as Dryandra vestita until 2007, at which time all of the Dryandra species were changed to Banksia by Austin Mast and Kevin Thiele. B. vestita is a shrub with hairy stems. The plant typically grows up to almost 5 feet....

Western White Pine Pinus monticola
2014-07-15 13:59:55

Western white pine (Pinus monticola) grows in the mountains of the western United States and Canada growing in the Rocky Mountains, The Sierra Nevada, the Cascade Range, as well as growing along the Coast. The pine is also known as silver pine or Idaho pine as it is that states tree. The Western White pine grows at different elevations depending on its region. In Canada it is found growing...

Smooth-bark Mexican Pine Pinus pseudostrobus
2014-07-15 13:42:04

Smooth-bark Mexican pine (Pinus pseudostrobus) grows near Northern El Salvador, the highlands in Guatemala, and West Honduras and central Mexico. This tree has also been introduced to New Zealand. Fifteen mature Mexican pines can be found in the Palo Verde County Park located in Imperial County, CA. This tree grows from heights of 65.6 feet to 131.2 feet and occasionally may reach 147.6...

Montezuma Pine Pinus montezumae
2014-07-15 13:27:17

Montezuma pine (Pinus montezumae) is native to Mexico and Central America and grows in the mountain ranges. This tree is known as ocote by the locals of Mexico. This tree has been planted successfully at mid altitudes in South Africa and Queensland, Australia, and at high altitudes in Kenya, Malawi, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Bolivia. Trees planted in New Zealand and New South Wales, Australia...

Macedonian Pine Pinus peuce
2014-07-15 13:08:24

Macedonian Pine (Pinus peuce) is native to Macedonia, Bulgaria, Albania, Montenegro, Kosovo, southwest Serbia, as well as the extreme north of Greece. This pine has been neutralized and grows in Eastern Finland. This pine grows best at altitudes between 3,281feet and 7,218 feet with a few growing as low as 1,969 feet and as high as 7,546 feet. This pine tolerates shade as well as extreme...

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