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2009-04-22 15:53:43

Security experts say malicious hackers have taken over almost two million PCs globally, including machines inside UK and US government departments, BBC News reported. Finjan Security said it traced the giant network of remotely controlled PCs, known as a botnet, back to a gang of cyber criminals in the Ukraine, adding that several PCs inside six UK government bodies were compromised by the botnet. The Cabinet Office, which is charged with setting standards for the use of information...

2009-04-08 12:55:00

According to a recent report issued by Microsoft's security wing, more than 97% of the e-mails sent daily over the internet are spam. The overwhelming majority of spam-mail consists of product advertisements, many of which contain hidden computer viruses.  The report also found that nearly 1% of computers worldwide are infected by viruses contracted from these e-mails. The report also noted that innocuous documents sent as Office and PDF attachments are also being targeted by online...

2009-03-28 12:27:22

On Wednesday (April Fools' Day), security experts say the fast-moving Conficker computer worm, which has infected at least 3 million PCs, is set to wreak even more havoc, the Associated Press reported. Users with infected machines could see more aggressive action from the worm's creators over the Internet, triggering the program to send more spam, infections, and clog networks with traffic. The worm could cause massive network outages and may even have the potential to be a possible...

2009-03-22 07:50:00

Some of the world's top computer security experts are fighting a spectacular cat-and-mouse battle with the brazen creator of a malicious software program known as Conficker, according to a New York Times report. The program received global attention late last year when it began infecting millions of machines with malicious code, which ties together the infected computers into something known as a botnet. Botnets are used to send the vast majority of e-mail spam messages, which are often the...

2009-03-19 10:45:37

Investigators say they are still baffled by a computer virus so gnarly that U.S. software giant Microsoft Corp. has put a price on the author's head. When investigators moved in close by gaining control of 250 Internet domain names the program was designed to leverage to forward instructions to infected computers, the author of the virus, known as the Conficker worm, upped the ante, expanding the program to include 50,000 Internet domain targets, The New York Times reported Thursday. Some...

2008-12-08 08:30:00

Marshal8e6 Trace Team security experts say botnet is again spamming in large volumes ORANGE, Calif. and BASINGSTOKE, England, Dec. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- One of three major botnets shut down as a result of the closure of major spam hosting provider, McColo, has been re-established and is back spamming in large volumes, say experts from the Marshal8e6 TRACElabs. McColo was shut down by its ISP on November 11 following a journalist's inquiries about illicit spam activities. Subsequently, the...

2008-11-26 14:40:00

When authorities shut down the Web hosting company McColo two weeks ago, the amount of worldwide spam plummeted by roughly two-thirds.  However, experts report that spam is now on the rise, and most believe it will soon reach its prior levels. According to messaging security firm IronPort Systems, spam remains at a level less than half that prior to the McColo shutdown. MessageLabs, however, says the level is at roughly two-thirds.  McColo hosted a number of "command and control"...

2008-10-31 17:15:00

A virus described as "one of the most advanced pieces of crimeware ever created" was responsible for the theft of around 500,000 online bank accounts and credit and debit cards, the RSA said. The RSA, which helps to secure networks in Fortune 500 companies, said the Sinowal Trojan virus has infected computers all over the planet. The virus compromised over 2000 domains globally, according to Sean Brady of RSA's security division. "This is a serious incident on a very noticeable scale and we...

2008-09-12 12:00:14

NEW YORK, Sept. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Basic Web browsing is all it takes to infect your computer with a bot that turns it into an international spam server, or worse. But cleaning up a bot-infected PC is a lot tougher, since most anti-virus software doesn't catch bots' constantly morphing signatures, says Ra Security co-founder Gideon Lenkey in a video tutorial posted today on the Internet Evolution Website. Click here to view the botnet tutorial:...

2008-09-04 11:15:00

Security experts say the summer saw a surge in the number of hijacked home PCs or "zombies". Zombie numbers are tracked worldwide by the Shadowserver Foundation, they've seen at least a threefold increase in the last three months. It said more than 450,000 computers are now part of zombie networks, or botnets, run by hi-tech criminals. They say the rise is linked to attacks that booby-trap websites to try to infect the machines of visitors. Criminals recruit new machines to a botnet to create...

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