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Herd Fertility May Be Improved By Understanding The Gene-rich Y Chromosomes Of Bulls
2013-07-11 15:24:22

Penn State The Y chromosomes of cattle have more genes and are more active than the Y chromosomes of other primates, according to researchers. This discovery may help biologists better understand how cattle and other mammals evolved, as well as help animal breeders and farmers better maintain and enhance fertility in the cattle industry, said Wansheng Liu, associate professor of animal genomics, Penn State. "Low fertility is a big problem for the dairy and beef industry," Liu said....

2009-04-23 13:00:00

A U.S.-led international consortium of scientists says it has sequenced the bovine genome, showing the genetic features that separate cattle from humans. The six-year effort has produced the first full genome sequence of any ruminant species, officials said, consisting of at least 22,000-protein coding genes and is more similar to that of humans than to the genomes of mice or rats. University of Illinois Professor Harris Lewin said the cattle genome appears to have been significantly...

2009-04-23 15:15:00

Scientists from the University of Maryland have published a new version of the genome of the domestic cow, known as Bos Taurus, which considerably improves previous assemblies in terms of accuracy and totality. The new cattle sequence took six years to complete, annotate and analyze and has involved over 300 scientists from 25 countries. Sequencing of the bovine genome provides new information about mammalian evolution as well as cattle-specific biology, and points the way to research that...

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