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Google Exec Blasts Facebook Over Ads
2012-11-30 20:07:46

Michael Harper for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online It should come as no surprise that Google feels their social network is better than others, namely Facebook. Though other social networks exist, the conversation most often centers on the Big Four: Facebook, Google+, Twitter and, more recently, Pinterest. What is surprising, however, are the reasons why Google+ vice president Bradley Horowitz feels his company´s social network is better than Zuckerberg´s: The ads....

Google+ To Allow Pseudonyms
2012-01-25 06:10:57

Google+ is making the move to allow pseudonyms and nicknames in registered accounts. But users must prove their pseudonym has already attracted an audience. According to Google executive Bradley Horowitz, 0.1% of applicants file name appeals.  Mr. Horowitz says users asking for the appeals fall into three categories. They either want to add a nickname, businesses that are inadvertently applying for a personal page, rather than a Google+ Pages, and those wishing to use a...

Google Announces Plans To Close Down Buzz
2011-10-15 04:31:53

One day after announcing that the new Google+ social network had topped the 40 million user mark, Bradley Horowitz, Vice President of Product for the Menlo Park, California tech giant confirmed that the company would be closing down the ill-fated Google Buzz service. According to Nancy Gohring of IDG News, Buzz, which launched in 2010 "to much fanfare," was the company´s first foray into the world of social networking. However, it was hampered by "a series of privacy missteps that...

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