Latest Brainstem glioma Stories

2009-12-17 06:00:00

BEIJING, Dec. 17 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Using a novel stem cell based technology of Cellonis Biotechnologies, Beijing, a Chinese research/medical team may eliminate a glioma -- brain cancer -- of a 36 year old Norwegian patient in a hospital in Beijing.

2009-12-04 13:27:56

There was no substantial change in brain tumor incidence among adults 5 to 10 years after cell phone usage sharply increased.

2009-12-02 18:49:35

Duke University Medical Center researchers have figured out how stem cells in the malignant brain cancer glioma may be better able to resist radiation therapy.

2009-11-30 14:17:15

The University of Navarra Hospital has launched a series of clinical trials in order to assess the efficacy of an immunotherapy treatment.

2009-10-01 13:58:00

Chemotherapy alone is just as effective as radiation / New positive prognostic factor found.

2009-08-26 02:05:00

Glioma, the type of brain tumor that afflicted Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass, is the most prevalent type of adult brain tumor, US surgeons said.

2009-07-07 10:10:02

A U.S.- and British-led study has identified variations in five genes that raise a person's risk of developing common brain tumors called gliomas. The scientists, led by the University of Texas M.D.

2009-04-03 13:50:00

Gliomas are malignant brain tumors that arise from glial (supporting) cells of the brain. Gliomas are often resistant to chemotherapy. These tumors grow fine extensions that infiltrate normal brain tissue and, in addition, individual tumor cells can form satellites in surrounding tissue.

2009-01-22 13:08:00

Northwestern Brain Tumor Institute seeks to bridge translational gaps between cancer research and cutting-edge therapy to lower brain tumor death rates CHICAGO, Jan.

2008-12-03 17:04:00

Patients who had aggressive surgeries were free of tumor recurrence an average of 15 years after diagnosis ROCHESTER, Minn., Dec.

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