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Breast Cancer Not One But Ten Diseases
2012-04-20 06:01:58

Connie K. Ho for RedOrbit.com Breast cancer is a global epidemic with 1.4 million women suffering from it each year. However, progress has been made as researchers in Canada and the U.K. have found that breast cancer is not one disease but 10. The new categories could improve treatment for patients, tailoring drugs for personalized treatment and helping predict more accurate survival rates. The study, released in the journal Nature, looked at breast cancer samples from 2,000 women....

2010-09-14 12:17:00

LINCOLNSHIRE, Ill., Sept. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- To boost breast cancer awareness, Quill.com is inviting Facebook users to create a virtual name tag to honor both survivors and victims of the disease. The familiar "Hello My Name Is" stickers take on new meaning with personalized messages of hope and support shared across the Facebook community. As part of a new campaign from Quill.com, a leading business-to-business online and direct marketer of office products, the application will let...

2008-11-12 12:40:37

A new technique to study genetic changes that can lead to breast cancer could be one step closer. The University of Nottingham has received £15,000 ($22,500) from the charity Breast Cancer Campaign to fill in one of the research gaps identified by the country's top breast cancer experts in a recent study carried out by the charity. The aim is to identify the many undiscovered genes thought to be involved in the early stages of breast cancer. The grant awarded to Ian Ellis, Professor of...

2008-06-14 18:00:06

A CANCER drug that Jane Tomlinson's husband said should be made widely available has been launched in the UK. Lapatinib can prolong the lives of women suffering a type of advanced breast cancer by stopping the disease from growing. Around a quarter of women with breast cancer are diagnosed with the HER2-positive form of the disease. The drug is for women whose advanced disease has stopped responding to Herceptin. Also known as Tyverb, the drug has received its European licence,...

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