Latest Breast cancer metastasis Stories

2010-09-30 09:13:27

Circulating tumor cells may create a new alternative and non-invasive source for biomarker assessment a new study shows.

2010-06-01 14:27:10

On average, about five percent of total cancer research funding is spent on investigating metastases (the spread of cancer cells around the body) in Europe, yet metastatic disease is the direct or indirect cause of 90 percent of all cancer deaths.

2010-06-01 13:42:57

UCSD researchers say novel enzyme may provide new target for future anti-cancer therapies.

2010-05-14 11:22:30

Known as palladin, the 'architectural' protein helps regulate cell motility and migration.

2010-05-09 08:35:18

Gastric cancer is the most common malignant gastrointestinal cancer and accounts for 25% of cancer deaths.

2010-05-07 08:54:49

A new study of metastatic breast cancer shows that the number of circulating tumor cells patients have in their blood directly correlates with the length of their survival.

2010-05-05 15:22:57

Researchers at the University of Kentucky Markey Cancer Center zero in on how breast tumor cells break free and start to spread

2010-05-02 08:55:00

Current research suggests that tumor-secreted exosomes inhibit the immune response, enhancing tumor metastasis.

2010-04-13 13:44:09

4-protein complex provides new target for thwarting cancer migration, invasion.

2010-03-29 09:25:53

One of the most intriguing questions in cancer research is what causes metastatic tumor migration, why some tumor cells manage to migrate to other parts of the body but others cells don't.

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