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2011-08-10 22:14:27

We all know one, or think we do: the person whose self-regard seems out of proportion to his or her actual merits. Popular culture labels these folks "narcissists," almost always a derogatory term. But a new study suggests that some forms of narcissism are "“ at least in the short term "“ beneficial, helping children navigate the difficult transition to adulthood. The study appears in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science. "Most people think of narcissism as a...

2009-04-29 15:06:33

Women, but not men, get an added health benefit when paired with someone who is conscientious and neurotic, U.S. researchers said. Study leader Brent Roberts of the University of Illinois and colleagues call the the boost in health reported by those with conscientious spouses or romantic partners the compensatory conscientiousness effect. Highly conscientious people are more organized and responsible and tend to follow through with their obligations, to be more impulse controlled and to...

2009-04-29 08:37:51

Conscientiousness is a good thing in a mate, researchers report, not just because it's easier to live with someone who washes the dishes without being asked, but also because having a conscientious partner may actually be good for one's health. Their study, of adults over age 50, also found that women, but not men, get an added health benefit when paired with someone who is conscientious and neurotic.This is the first large-scale analysis of what the authors call the "compensatory...

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