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Bite-Sized Fruit More Appealing To Kids Than Whole Servings
2013-04-19 10:18:19

Kids love to eat fruit in ready-to-eat bite-sized pieces, yet studies show that in most school settings, the fruit is served whole. This could be the reason that school children are taking fruits, but not eating them.

If Your Child Is A Picky Eater, Blame The Genes
2013-03-21 19:10:40

A new study suggests bad parenting may not be why your child is a picky eater, but rather, it may be because of their genes.

2013-02-27 14:05:54

The term ‘libertarian paternalism’ is a peculiar phrase because it invokes feelings about two seemingly contradictory philosophies.

2012-12-20 15:19:06

Making small easy changes to our eating habits on a consistent basis - 25 days or more per month - can lead to sustainable weight loss.

2012-10-11 13:00:54

Food marketers are masters at getting people to crave and consume the foods that they promote.

Eat Less When Dining Out
2012-08-30 12:06:08

Scientists recently found that a restaurant’s atmosphere can cause people to feel stimulated and overeat or eat faster.

When Elmo Chooses Apples, Kids Choose Them Too
2012-08-23 12:09:49

At many elementary schools around the U.S., when the first bell rings, it’s a signal for snack time. Hungry kids will race to the snack bar and salivate at the various delicious choices before them.

2012-07-26 23:03:15

If so many low fat foods are available, why does the Western world get fatter every year? The answer, said a French researcher, is people are seduced by food products that claim to be healthy

Heroes Wanted: What Would Batman Eat?
2012-07-22 06:53:49

The Baby Boomer generation had Popeye to inspire them to eat their spinach. However, today's children do not have role models when it comes to healthy eating habits and good food choices.

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