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MIT Seabot
2015-05-08 14:04:24

Many an ardent Trekkie dreams of seeing their favorite fictional world become reality. The dream just came closer. MIT scientists have built a “Seabot” system that mirrors the workings of Star Trek’s Starship Enterprise. MIT engineers developed “cognitive” control algorithms for underwater robots allowing them to plan underwater missions autonomously. Brian Williams, professor of aeronautics and astronautics at MIT, helped model the system and even named it Enterprise.

2015-02-16 12:23:28

Also in This Edition: Jobs for Writers, Media Industry Blog Posts NEW YORK, Feb.

Brian Williams
2015-02-13 11:59:22

Memory expert Ed Cooke sits down to discuss the recent allegations against Brian Williams and his helicopter story in Iraq.

daredevil risk
2015-01-16 10:45:35

Researchers at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory are working on what they call “a better Siri” – a virtual personal assistant that can actually calculate the odds of success when it comes to making plans and offer alternative suggestions.

2014-12-22 12:24:32

On TODAY Show Radio, SiriusXM listeners nationwide to hear the day's top world and national news on their evening drive NEW YORK, Dec.

2014-09-23 08:21:13

SANTA ANA, Calif., Sept.

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