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Birth-defect Mystery Solved By BYU Biochemistry Professor And Students
2012-09-12 12:20:17

The cellular cause of birth defects like cleft palates, missing teeth and problems with fingers and toes has been a tricky puzzle for scientists. Now Professor Emily Bates and her biochemistry students at Brigham Young University have placed an important piece of the developmental puzzle. They studied an ion channel that regulates the electrical charge of a cell. In a new study published by the journal Development, they show that blocking this channel disrupts the work of a protein that is...

2012-06-16 00:38:27

When the going gets tough, the tough ought to thank their fathers. New research from Brigham Young University shows that dads are in a unique position to help their adolescent children develop persistence. BYU professors Laura Padilla-Walker and Randal Day arrived at these findings after following 325 families over several years. And over time, the persistence gained through fathers lead to higher engagement in school and lower rates of delinquency. "In our research we ask 'Can your...

2012-06-12 14:34:10

Technology licensed by BYU to Utah-based Crocker Spinal Technologies In between the vertebrae of the human spine are 23 Oreo-sized, cartilage-filled discs that hold the vertebrae together and allow for spine movement. While the discs are critical for movement, they can become the source of back pain when they degenerate or herniate — a major health problem that affects 85% of Americans and drains the U.S. economy to the tune of $100 billion every year. A new biomedical device...

2012-03-06 10:42:36

Researchers say people should behave cautiously; carry bear spray instead Carrying a gun in bear country doesn´t mean you´re more protected in the event of a bear encounter, according to new research out of Brigham Young University. A study led by BYU biologist and bear expert Tom S. Smith found that firing a gun is no more effective in keeping people from injury or death during bear attacks than not using a firearm. “It really isn´t about the kind of gun you...

Photo illustration by Jaren Wilkey/BYU
2012-02-11 08:39:21

Study shows sleep guidelines prescribe too much for teens Whether or not you know any high school students that actually get nine hours of sleep each night, that´s what federal guidelines currently prescribe. A new Brigham Young University study found that 16-18 year olds perform better academically when they shave about two hours off that recommendation. “We´re not talking about sleep deprivation,” says study author Eric Eide. “The data simply says that...

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