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2010-02-04 13:17:00

The Formation of PBI and the proposed Venture VANCOUVER, Feb. 4 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ - Carbon Friendly Solutions Inc. (TSX Venture Exchange: CFQ) ("CFS" or the "Company") (http://www.carbonfriendly.com) is pleased to announce that the Company has, subject to prior TSX Venture Exchange (the "Exchange") approval to certain provisions thereof, recently formed and incorporated Pacific Briquetters Inc. ("PBI"), a non-reporting British Columbia company, for the present and proposed purpose of...

2009-05-19 22:26:19

Take extra care that burns do not mar Memorial Day weekend barbecues, a U.S. doctor warns. Dr. Roger Yurt, director of the Hearst Burn Center of NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center, recommends not starting up a propane grill before checking it out first and inspecting the propane tank and hoses for leaks, dents, cracks or corrosion. Remember to always light the match before turning on the propane gas, Yurt advises in a statement. Those using a charcoal grill need to...

2008-07-15 15:00:00

By AMANDA GOLD, SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE Here are some ways to reduce your carbon footprint when cooking or eating outside this summer or any other time: Grilling green * Although many prefer the flavor of charcoal grilling, a cleaner- burning electric or propane-gas grill can be better for the environment. Think about the differences before you buy a grill. * If you opt for charcoal, try to use natural charcoal (see Cowboy Charcoal, below) or environmentally certified wood...

2008-07-02 06:00:00

If you think you've got skills with the grill, it's time to put them on display. But before you head out back, check out the latest and greatest for outdoor entertaining. From sleek new designs to earth-friendly options, backyard barbecuing has reached a new level of sophistication. TIPS FOR GRILLING THE 'GREEN' WAY For those wondering how to make grilling more environmentally sound, look no further. Rick Browne, international barbecue expert and author of a new cookbook, "The Best...

2008-06-27 15:02:48

By Lauren Donovan, The Bismarck Tribune, N.D. Jun. 27--A new coal mine could open next year near South Heart to supply lignite for a plant that would dry and harden it into high-energy briquettes. The $11 million plant would be part of an energy complex southwest of the community, using coal reserves owned by Great Northern Power Development. Great Northern plans to mine coal and liquefy it to produce a synthetic natural gas, using newer technology than is in use at the Dakota...

2006-11-26 09:00:40

By Christopher Hinz, Reading Eagle, Pa. Nov. 26--It's not the prettiest sight on the horizon -- a boxy yellow structure rising 90-plus feet from a black and pitted landscape in the Schuylkill County mountains. But the anthracite processed by Girard Breaker makes possible power generation and steel making, and supports industries manufacturing everything from sewage-treatment plant filters and charcoal briquettes to boilers and stoves. "We're producing about 900 to 1,000 clean tons a...

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