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2011-03-08 14:03:00

Harriet Geragosain of New Britain, CT has been honored with a recognition by Connecticut Magazine in its selection of 'Connecticut 2011 Real Estate Agents' NEW BRITAIN, Conn., March 8, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Announcing a special recognition appearing in the March, 2011 issue of Connecticut Magazine published by Journal Register Company. Harriet Geragosain was selected for the following honor: Connecticut 2011 Real Estate Agents Harriet Geragosain commented on the recognition:...

2011-02-22 18:00:00

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., Feb. 22, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- With 12 Oscar nominations, "The King's Speech" is counted among the most nominated films of all time. This engaging biopic of England's George VI and his struggle to conquer a debilitating stammer has become the film to beat on Oscar night, and Colin Firth is now the favorite to win best actor for his critically acclaimed portrayal of the heir to the throne. Don't get caught in your party dress without the hottest drink in town! Gather...

2011-02-15 07:00:00

NEW BRITAIN, Conn., Feb. 15, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- VERTEX, Incorporated, a provider of professional services and innovative software to the insurance and financial services industries, today announced their introduction of an XML Compare Utility Service, VTXcompare(TM), licensed to business as a web-based service. (Logo: http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20081210/VERTEXLOGO ) Businesses who exchange information electronically often use XML and the Internet because it is less costly than...

2011-02-14 10:23:00

NEW BRITAIN, Conn., Feb. 14, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Hospital for Special Care (HSC), one of the nation's largest long-term acute-care hospitals, announces the opening of the first comprehensive heart failure in-patient unit in Connecticut, under the direction of board-certified intensivists and cardiologists. Designed to stem the cycle of costly emergency room re-admissions for heart failure patients, this unit will treat and assist patients in regaining and maintaining their functional...

2011-02-09 12:50:00

Estimates on cancer mortality show a fall in overall cancer death rates for both men and women when compared to 2007 Researchers said Wednesday that less than 1.3 million people will die from cancer in Europe this year as death rates from the disease fall. The downward trend in cancer death rates in the region is being driven mainly by falls in breast cancer mortality in women, and lung and colorectal cancer in men. However, the researchers said the overall number of deaths is likely to...

2010-12-18 07:31:18

A new report says that the amount of people infected with tuberculosis has jumped by 50 percent in London in the last decade, making it the tuberculosis capital of Western Europe. Unlike other countries in the area where tuberculosis is dropping, the disease is on the rise in Britain, particularly in London. According to an article published Friday in the medical journal Lancet, London had 3,450 cases of Britain's 9,000 cases by 2009.  Those numbers are an underestimate because only...

2010-12-17 00:00:43

Soldiers based in Colchester and Aldershot are latest to leave their video message of goodwill and support for WinkBall's 'Faces for the Forces' (Vocus/PRWEB) December 16, 2010 All across the UK, the people of Britain are still leaving their Christmas messages of goodwill and support to the Armed forces serving abroad this holiday season. All part of UK video website WinkBall's ongoing national initiative 'Faces for the Forces' "“ a campaign to collect a million video messages of...

2010-12-12 07:50:00

Health officials said Saturday that the H1N1 swine flu virus has returned to Britain, leaving 10 people dead in the last six weeks. Britain's Health Protection Agency said that the 10 deaths occurred in adults over the age of 65, most of whom had underlying health issues. "Over the last few weeks, we have seen a rise in the number of cases of seasonal flu both H1N1 (2009) and flu B in the community," Professor John Watson, head of the HPA's respiratory diseases department, said in a...

2010-11-26 05:39:00

LONDON, November 26, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- - Plan Ahead and Avoid Snow Disruption Last year's snow in Britain caused so much disruption to travel and therefore businesses, with estimates as high as GBP3.5 billion. Typically London grinds to a halt and over one in five workers takes a day off. Still caught in the depths of a recession, the country can't afford to be caught out by another bout of snow disruption. And given the availability of pay as you go, affordable, HD quality...

2010-11-20 06:34:55

The British information commissioner said Friday that Google has agreed to delete private emails and passwords that it picked up while its Street View cars took images of Britain's streets. Google also agreed to improve the way it trains staff on data protection issues as its cars gather information for its free online mapping service. "I welcome the fact that the Wi-Fi payload data that should never have been collected in the first place can, at last, be deleted," Information Commissioner...

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2008-05-27 23:16:12

The Otterhound is British breed originally bred for hunting. It is in the same bloodlines as the Bloodhound and the Airedale Terrier. The breed has almost always been rare, even during the early 20th century when hunting was popular. The use of the breed to hunt otters ended in 1978 in Britain when it became illegal to kill otters. The breed is currently the most endangered in Britain and there are only between 350 and 400 in the United States. The breed generally weighs between 80 and 120...

2007-08-14 13:42:24

The Barbastelle (Barbastella barbastellus), also known as the Western Barbastelle, is a European bat. It has a short nose, small eyes and wide ears. It is rare throughout its range. In Britain, only three breeding roosts are known, including Paston Great Barn in Norfolk. The Barbastelle has two main call types used for echolocation. The frequency parameters of call type 1 lie between 30-38 kHz, have most energy at 33 kHz and have an average duration of 2.5 ms.[1] The frequency parameters...

2007-04-10 16:40:33

The Eurasian minnow (Phoxinus phoxinus) is a species of freshwater fish. It is a member of the carp family (family Cyprinidae) of order Cypriniformes, and is the type species of genus Phoxinus. It is ubiquitous throughout much of Eurasia, from Britain and Spain to eastern Siberia, predominantly in cold 53.6- 68°F (12"“20°C) streams and well-oxygenated lakes and ponds. It is noted for being a gregarious species, shoaling in large numbers. The species is of drab coloration and...

2006-02-24 15:33:09

The Hooded Crow (Corvus cornix) is a Eurasian species in the genus of crows. It is so similar in structure and habits to the Carrion Crow that some authorities consider them to be merely geographical races of one species. It wasn't until 2002 that the bird was elevated to full species status. It breeds in northern and eastern Europe, and closely allied specimens inhabit southern Europe and western Asia. Where their ranges overlap (as in northern Britain, Germany and Siberia) their hybrids...

2005-09-12 10:47:47

The Alucitidae or many-plumed moths are a family of Lepidoptera with unusually modified wings. Both fore- and hind-wings consist of about six rigid spines, from which radiate flexible bristles creating a structure similar to a bird's feather. The family is small with about 130 species described. Both in Britain and North America only one of these is found - Alucita hexadactyla. This smallish moth can often be found fluttering in the evening twilight or resting with its 'wings'...

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