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2013-03-20 23:02:02

With millions in recoveries for his clients, and a nationwide practice serving the injured, Jason T. Brown departed his firm and continues to battle on behalf of his clients. new york, new york (PRWEB) March 20, 2013 Former FBI Agent Jason T. Brown, a nationally renowned trial attorney, recently featured in the New York Magazines Top Trial Lawyers of New York, has left his position as managing partner of a Manhattan based practice and formed The JTB Law Group, LLC. “I enjoy fighting...

Novel Wireless Brain Sensor Unveiled
2013-02-28 11:18:44

Brown University A team of neuroengineers based at Brown University has developed a fully implantable and rechargeable wireless brain sensor capable of relaying real-time broadband signals from up to 100 neurons in freely moving subjects. Several copies of the novel low-power device, described in the Journal of Neural Engineering, have been performing well in animal models for more than year, a first in the brain-computer interface field. Brain-computer interfaces could help people with...

2012-06-06 13:41:02

Microorganisms in the human gastrointestinal tract form an intricate, living fabric made up of some 500 to 1000 distinct bacterial species, (in addition to other microbes). Recently, researchers have begun to untangle the subtle role these diverse life forms play in maintaining health and regulating weight. In a new study appearing in the journal Nutrition in Clinical Practice, researcher Rosa Krajmalnik-Brown and her colleagues at the Swette Center for Environmental Biotechnology at...

2012-05-17 23:02:35

Chocolate diamonds is the term affectionately given to brown color diamonds, because they look very similar to chocolate color. JewelOcean is proud to announce a new line of Chocolate Diamond Rings and Champagne Diamond Rings, to meet the demand of customers. Baltimore, MD (PRWEB) May 17, 2012 Chocolate is not only for food lovers. Chocolate color diamonds have been a big hit with customers who are looking for an alternate engagement ring choice. Chocolate color diamonds have many different...

Research Finds Baby Boomers Face Difficulties At Older Age
2012-04-17 06:33:40

Connie K. Ho for RedOrbit.com Shocking new statistics from Bowling Green State University´s National Center for Family and Marriage Research (NCFMR) shows that baby boomers will have a difficult time as they grow older. The study combines data from the censuses of 1980, 1990, 2000 as well as the 2009 American Community Survey. Through this research, Dr. I-Fen Lin found that one-third of adults between the ages of 45 and 63 are unmarried. This number has more than doubled since...

2011-12-08 14:00:00

On December 14, 2011, leaders of the convenient care industry and dignitaries representing the City of Philadelphia and the Cheltenham Township will convene to launch the opening of the new Einstein FastCare clinic in the ShopRite of Cheltenham, owned by Brownâs Super Stores. (PRWEB) December 08, 2011 On December 14, 2011, leaders of the convenient care industry and dignitaries representing the City of Philadelphia and the Cheltenham Township will convene to launch the opening...

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Brown Swiss Cattle
2014-07-12 12:06:09

The Brown Swiss is a breed of dairy cattle that originated in the Swiss Alps. In 1949, it was claimed the cattle of the European Alps were improved by Pinzgauer blood. This was assumed by the cattle’s color and history, but has been disproved since. The Brown Swiss is completely different from the original cattle bred in Switzerland in the late 1600s. The breed was imported to the United States by Henry M. Clark in 1869. A total of 25 bulls and 140 cows were imported at that time. The...

2008-07-14 17:05:35

The Brown-breasted Bulbul (Pycnonotus xanthorrhous), is a species of songbird in the Pycnonotidae family. It is found in China, Hong Kong, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam. Photo Copyright and Credit

2006-12-12 14:00:13

The Brown-throated Three-toed Sloth, Bradypus variegatus, is a species of sloth from Central and South America. It is the most widespread and common species of the group. It is found in many different kinds of environments, including evergreen and dry forests. Also, in highly unsettled natural areas. It is a solitary, nocturnal and daily animal, feeding on leaves of many species of trees. The female of the species is known to emit a loud shrill, during the mating season to attract...

2006-11-06 13:02:43

The Brown-headed Cowbird, Molothrus ater, is a small bird of the Icteridae family. They are residents to open and semi-open country across most of North America. They are permanent residents in the southern parts of their range. Northern birds migrate to the southern United States and Mexico. At one time, the Brown-headed Cowbird followed the bison herds across the prairies. Their numbers expanded with the clearing of forested areas and the introduction of new grazing animals by settlers...

2004-10-19 04:45:40

Brown Dwarf -- Brown dwarfs are a special type of low-mass star (approximately 13-70 Jupiter masses) that do not have nuclear fusion occurring in their cores during their time on the main sequence. Early in their development most brown dwarf stars do have lithium fusion in their cores, and a lack of lithium is a test for low-mass objects that are suspected of being brown dwarfs. Many brown dwarfs continue to glow in the red and infrared after their lithium is exhausted. This glow is...

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