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2009-11-05 09:20:05

In remarks at the Forum for the Future in Marrakech yesterday, Secretary Clinton announced new initiatives to bolster science and technology collaboration with Muslim communities around the world. The Secretary named Dr. Bruce Alberts, Dr. Elias Zerhouni, and Dr. Ahmed Zewail as the first three U.S. Science and Technology Envoys and announced that the State Department will expand positions for environment, science, technology, and health officers at U.S. embassies. "We want to help Muslim...

2009-04-10 10:55:04

Science education needs to be transformed from dull to exciting to lure more students into the field, say U.S. teachers and researchers. Students forced to memorize and regurgitate science information come to hate the subject, said Bruce Alberts, editor of the journal Science and a former head of the National Academies of Science. Bad tests are forcing a trivialization of science education, said Alberts, calling for a revolution in education to show that real science is exciting. In math...

2005-06-29 00:30:00

WASHINGTON -- A scientific article that says terrorists could poison thousands of people through the milk supply - withheld at first at the government's request - is being published despite continuing objections after the National Academy of Sciences concluded it wouldn't help attackers. The study by Lawrence M. Wein and Yifan Liu of Stanford University discusses such questions as how terrorists could release botulinum toxin into the U.S. milk supply and what effective amounts might be....

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