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Children Will Not Be Given Anthrax Vaccine, For Now
2011-10-31 11:40:45

A government advisory board said on Friday that for now, children will not be given an anthrax vaccine.

2011-02-16 07:28:57

A review released Tuesday by a panel of scientific experts casts doubt on FBI evidence that Bruce Ivins, a US Army researcher, committed the deadly anthrax mailings of 2001.

2008-09-25 06:00:03

By Dan Vergano and Steve Sternberg The FBI never examined anthrax samples from the 2001 contamination of a biodefense lab that was covered up by their lead suspect in the anthrax mailings -- a decision that one of the FBI's leading anthrax experts calls "weird." Researcher Bruce Ivins in 2002 confessed to cleaning up the office contamination without telling anyone during an Army investigation at the U.S.

2008-08-12 03:00:26

WASHINGTON - The anthrax killer spurred a whole new branch of science that could give the nation a head start in the next emergency - whether it's investigating more bioterrorism or even a food poisoning outbreak.

2008-08-07 09:00:04

By Lara Jakes Jordan and Matt Apuzzo Associated Press WASHINGTON -- The murder weapon was a flask.

2008-08-07 06:00:45

By Josh Mitchell, The Baltimore Sun Aug. 7--In the months leading up to the 2001 anthrax scare, Bruce E. Ivins had sought help from a psychiatrist, started taking antidepressants and repeatedly told a friend he was frightened by bouts of paranoia and depression.

2008-08-07 06:00:03

By Donna Leinwand, Ken Dilanian, Steve Sternberg and Dan Vergano WASHINGTON -- On several nights before the anthrax attacks in September and October 2001, bioweapons scientist Bruce Ivins repeatedly spent long periods alone in a secure laboratory that housed a strain of the lethal bacteria.

2008-08-06 18:00:03

The FBI said Wednesday Bruce Ivins was behind the 2001anthrax letter attacks and the government could have proven his guilt if a case had gone to trial. "We are confident Dr.

2008-08-06 15:00:04

By Dave Altimari, The Hartford Courant, Conn. Aug.

2008-08-06 12:15:00

Documents related to the FBI's investigation into the deadly 2001 anthrax scare were unsealed Wednesday by a U.S.

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