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2012-06-12 11:35:17

Why stop at the dark side of the moon to make music when you can look thousands of light years into space? That´s what a team of Georgia Tech researchers have done, using data from two stars in our galaxy to create sounds for a national recording artist. Over the years, researchers in Georgia Tech´s Sonification Lab (SonLab) have converted numerical data into sounds to analyze stock market prices, election results and weather data. When the reggae/rock band Echo Movement called...

2010-05-06 09:10:00

A new finding from the Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard may have implications for designing an effective AIDS vaccine. When people become infected by HIV, it's usually only a matter of time, barring drug intervention, until they develop full-blown AIDS. However, a small number of people exposed to the virus progress very slowly to AIDS "” and some never develop the disease at all. In the late 1990s, researchers showed that a very high percentage of those naturally HIV-immune...

2008-12-18 15:14:33

Georgia Tech scientists have dreamed up a contraption called the "audio aquarium" as a way to let blind people experience sea life. The researchers say they wanted to help people with disabilities do something that's more fun than functional. Bruce Walker, an associate professor who works with the school's Center for Music Technology, said many of the things they do help the blind solve basic problems like shopping, working, and brushing their teeth. "But there are very few assistive...

2006-08-16 16:45:04

By Maggie Fox, Health and Science Correspondent TORONTO (Reuters) - As many as one in 300 HIV patients never get sick and never suffer damage to their immune systems and AIDS experts said on Wednesday they want to know why. Most have gone unnoticed by the top researchers, because they are well, do not need treatment and do not want attention, said Dr. Bruce Walker of Harvard Medical School. But Walker and colleagues want to study these so-called "elite" patients in the hope that...

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