Latest Buñol Stories

2008-09-20 15:00:14

By Ken Newton Some bugs of nearly microscopic size held a convention this year on my tomato plants. Not sure why my modest garden got chosen for this gathering, but their insistent sucking of moisture from the vines left an autumn- like bearing by early August. In spite of the intended remedies applied, the bugs showed an almost admirable heartiness. Small enough that hundreds could fit on a dime, they almost seemed festive in their leaf-destroying revelry. The impact of this never...

2008-08-28 09:05:00

Spanish revelers pelted one another with 113 tons of ripe tomatoes in the annual La Tomatina food fight. Town hall says an estimated 40,000 people took part in the hour of messy fun in the village of Bunol near Valencia. The ritual dates to the 1940s. Some warriors in Wednesday's battle wore swimming goggles to protect themselves from the acid sting of tomato projectiles. Others swatted them away with tennis rackets. Afterward, many washed off in a nearby river while crews hosed down a...

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  • A vial or small glass bottle, especially one for holding vinegar, oil, etc.; a caster for liquids.
This word is Middle English in origin, and ultimately comes from the Old French, diminutive of 'crue,' flask.