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2007-08-03 09:20:00

Catching a wave never looked like this. The waves along Florida's coastline might be used in the future to generate electricity for homes and businesses in coastal states such as Florida and elsewhere.

2006-11-22 19:20:00

Researchers are hoping to develop a network of ocean-floor and mobile sensors that would help detect tsunamis in the Indian and Pacific oceans.

2006-07-29 20:20:47

By Achmad Sukarsono JAKARTA (Reuters) - A tsunami that killed more than 600 people on Java island less than two weeks ago will weigh on a group of global weather scientists when they meet in Indonesia this week to discuss a system aimed at reducing such deaths.

2005-11-17 04:40:00

Indonesia has activated the first stage of a tsunami early warning system off the coast of Sumatra to prevent a repeat of last year's huge quake-triggered waves that left 170,000 people dead or missing, officials said on Thursday.

2005-08-23 15:00:22

By Caroline Drees, Security Correspondent WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States plans to put sensors on oil rigs and weather buoys to spot security threats at sea and may use satellites, unmanned planes and commercial jets to monitor ships as far as 2,000 nautical miles away.

2005-08-08 17:04:09

Scientists at the Naval Research Laboratory - Stennis Space Center (NRL-SSC) measured a record-size ocean wave when the eye of Hurricane Ivan passed over NRL moorings deployed last May in the Gulf of Mexico.

2005-07-29 06:31:55

BANGKOK (Reuters) - Disaster early warning towers will be in place across southeast Asia in time for the first anniversary of the Dec. 26 Indian Ocean tsunami that killed more than 200,000 people, the United Nations said Friday.

2005-02-13 11:15:41

Hawaii is among the most tsunami-ready places in the world. When an alert is issued, beachside sirens go off and urgent messages are flashed on television and broadcast on radio. Evacuation maps on telephone book covers point people to higher ground. But most of the time, no damaging tsunami hits the shore.

2005-01-06 07:54:07

The United States is moving on several fronts toward a global tsunami warning system following the Asian catastrophe. A design is emerging from the State Department's Global Disaster Information Network (GDIN) for protecting huge populations in coastal areas.

2005-01-04 08:25:00

A tsunami warning system could be built in the Indian Ocean in just a year and cost as little as $20 million. But experts warn the high-tech network of sensors and buoys would be useless unless countries like Indonesia beef up communications links to the coastal communities that would be hit by giant waves.

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