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2013-04-18 21:22:22

An Arizona State University biologist and her team have found that the Asian subspecies of great bustard, one of the heaviest birds capable of flight, covers migratory routes of more than 2,000 miles, traveling to and from its breeding grounds in northern Mongolia and wintering grounds in Shaanxi province in China.

2011-08-05 09:04:33

The early burn out of the male Bustard may explain how biological aging evolved.

2011-02-08 11:07:58

Up until now it was unknown whether males of the great bustard (Otis tarda), an emblematic bird in Spain and endangered at a global level, transmit information on their weight, size, and age through their plumage.

2010-06-24 14:18:27

Even brooding female birds are sensitive to visual stimulation.

2005-07-18 19:45:48

Carrying binoculars and notebooks, thousands of nature lovers and conservationists scoured semiarid grasslands of western India Sunday to count a bird considered on the brink of extinction.

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2009-01-17 17:27:50

The Great Bustard (Otis tarda) is a species of bird of the bustard family. It is found in southern and central Europe, where it is the largest species of bird. It is also found across much of temperate Asia. Populations in Europe are mainly resident, but the Asian population move further south for the winter months. It is declining due to habitat loss through much of its range. It is extinct on the British Isles, and in the Bărăgan region of Romania. There are still large populations...

2007-10-24 12:57:02

The Barred Buttonquail or Common Bustard-Quail (Turnix suscitator), is one of a small family of birds which resemble, but are unrelated to, true quails. This species is resident from India across tropical Asia to south China, Indonesia and the Philippines. In India it is widespread and is found up to 8200 feet in elevation in the Himalayas, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Indonesia and most of Southeast Asia and the Philippines. This typical little quail is rufous-brown above, rusty and...

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