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2008-10-10 21:00:17

By Buzz Bertolero Q: My husband has read that fruit trees could be pruned once they stop producing. Is this true, or do we have to wait until all the leaves fall off to prune our plum, peach and nectarine trees? A: The short answer is you don't have to wait for the leaves to drop to prune deciduous fruit trees, but this long-established norm is changing. The winter months are still an excellent time to prune and shape, as the structure of the tree is easier to see without all the...

2008-09-12 21:00:15

By Buzz Bertolero Q: What is the difference between compost, soil conditioner or amendments and topsoil? This gets very confusing since there are so many different varieties and brands. Is one better than another? A: Yes, it is easy to get confused. They're often referred to interchangeably. Soil amendments and conditioners are divided into two types -- organic and non-organic. Organic soil amendments/conditioners include peat moss, wood products, animal manures, compost and other...

2008-08-27 12:00:55

By Buzz Bertolero Q: With the water restrictions, we have let our front lawn "go brown." However, there is a 45-year-old flowering pear tree in the middle of the area. I'm wondering if it needs water. We occasionally now throw "gray water" from the washing machine rinse cycle on the lawn, but that is the only water it gets. A: A flowering pear is an ideal shade tree that thrives in a turf area, as they like the moisture that comes with the frequent watering of a lawn. Conversely, with...

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