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Molecular Clock Of The Common Buzzard
2013-10-23 09:27:24

Bielefeld biologists reveal the influence of genes on dispersal behavior

2009-07-01 15:44:50

A Florida couple said a flock of about 50 vultures that descended on their yard has grown accustomed to their pit bulls and refuses to leave. Robert and Hattie Garrett said the vultures, which began roosting in trees in their Kingsland yard in January, are difficult to scare, the (Jacksonville) Florida Times-Union reported Wednesday. They will fly up in the trees, but it's as far as they go, Robert Garrett said.

2008-10-23 06:00:23

Highlights - Robust cash flow, a strong balance sheet and liquidity provide financial stability in a turbulent market - Reliable upstream operations deliver strong production in line with guidance - Construction of the Edmonton refinery conversion project (RCP) completed and refinery on track for fourth quarter 2008 startup Petro-Canada announced today third quarter operating earnings of $1,242 million ($2.56/share), up 97% from $630 million ($1.29/share) in the third quarter of 2007.

2008-07-24 06:01:00

Highlights - Strong production in line with guidance due to successful turnarounds and reliable operations - Final Libya agreements signed, adding reserves and extending terms by an expected 30 years - Edmonton refinery conversion project 92% complete and on track for startup in the fourth quarter of 2008 - On July 23, 2008, declared a 54% increase in the quarterly dividend commencing on October 1, 2008 Petro-Canada announced today second quarter operating earnings of $1,151 million...

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2013-04-24 14:55:46

The White-throated Hawk (Buteo albigula), is a bird of prey belonging to the family Accipitridae, which includes hawks, eagles and Old World vultures. In British usage, it would be called a buzzard rather than a true hawk. It is a rather small Buteo, 42 to 45 cm in length. It lives in the Andes mountains of South America and ranges down to the coast in the O’Higgins region of Chile, favoring wooded areas. It’s closely related to the more widely distributed Short-tailed Hawk and was...

White-tailed Hawk, Buteo albicaudatus
2012-12-28 13:03:49

White-tailed Hawks are found in tropical or subtropical environments across the Americas. This bird is a large bird of prey species. It is close to the size of the related Swainson’s and Red-tailed Hawks. The average measurements of this bird fall a little bit ahead of the first and a little bit behind the latter. It can be up to 17 to 24 inches in length, and its wingspan can be up to 46 to 56 inches. A body mass of 1.9 to 2.7 pounds was recorded in B. a. hysopodius and 1.91 to 2.2 pounds...

2006-03-06 10:53:32

The Honey Buzzard (Pernis apivorus) is a bird of prey in the family Accipitridae. Despite its name, this species is not related to the true buzzards in the genus Buteo, but is actually closer to the kites. This bird is a summer migrant to most of Europe as well as western Asia. It spends winter in tropical Africa. The Honey Buzzard breeds in woodland, and is unobtrusive except in the spring, when the mating display includes wing-clapping. Breeding males are fiercely territorial. It is a...

2006-03-06 10:17:24

The Hawaiian Hawk or 'Io (Buteo solitarius) is a buzzard native to Hawaii. It is the only hawk that occurs in Hawaii and is known to only breed on the Big Island. The species is protected as endangered in the United States however the IUCN classifies the species as near threatened. The Hawaiian Hawk measures 16-18 inches in length and females are larger than the males. Two color phases exist: a dark phase (dark brown head, breast, and underwings), and a light color phase (dark head, light...

2006-03-06 09:44:08

The Zone-tailed Hawk (Buteo albonotatus) is a medium-sized hawk found in warm, dry parts of the Americas. It feeds on small vertebrates of all kinds, including birds up to the size of quail. Grown birds are 18.5"“21.5 inches (47"“55 cm) in length with a wingspan of about 4 feet (1.2 m). Their average weight is 1.8 pounds (810 g). Adult plumage is mostly blackish except that the flight feathers are barred with lighter gray (appearing solid gray from a distance) and the tail has three or...

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