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2015-01-26 15:35:34

The New Age Bullshit Generator does just what you think it does: it generates New Age Bullshit.

2009-02-15 01:05:35

The top fashion buzzwords during the current time of economic hardship are Chiconomics and Michelle Obama, or so says the Global Language Monitor. The fashion world is affected by the global economic meltdown like everyone else this year and are reflected in this season's buzzwords like Chiconomics and Recessionist, said Millie Payack, the monitor's fashion correspondent.

2008-11-20 12:20:59

Cloud computing is one of the most popular yet confusing technological buzzwords used by society this year, an Austin, Texas, group said Thursday. The Global Language Monitor said in a news release the term, which portrays the Internet as a cloud accessed through programs and services, is one of 2008's most confusing yet popular techisms. Other top 2008 buzzwords, the group said, are green washing and, appropriately, buzzword compliant. Green washing refers to the marketing of a product in a...

2006-08-27 12:13:57

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - "Truthiness" and "Wikiality" -- two of the words popularized by political satirist Stephen Colbert on his TV show "The Colbert Report"-- were named on Sunday the top television buzzwords of the year.

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