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2011-01-18 14:17:00

WASHINGTON, Jan. 18, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Riki Ellison, Chairman and Founder of the Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance (MDAA), www.missiledefenseadvocacy.org, hosted the inaugural Missile Defender of the Year Award Ceremony on January 14, 2011 in Alexandria Virginia honoring the best U.S. Armed Service members in the field of Missile Defense for 2010. Mr. Ellison's comments are below: On January 14th, 2011 MDAA was honored to host the inaugural "Missile Defender of the Year...

2010-04-13 09:55:00

Cyberwarfare will now be on the list of advanced schooling techniques that the US Air Force will be using to train all new recruits to help fight the threat of cyber attacks on US computer networks, a military commander told the Associated Press (AP) on Monday. The details of the training are still being worked out, according to Gen. Robert Kehler, but once implemented, the training would be a short program -- one or two hours long -- and would only cover the fundamentals. Officers and...

2009-05-06 15:20:00

The US Air Force intends to revamp the national space industry with the introduction of a new strategic plan. The plan, being introduced under the authority of the head of Air Force Space Command Gen. Robert Kehler, seeks to revitalize a declining US defense base with an emphasis on space institutions. "There are lots of reasons for (the declining program) and the question is how to do we invest wisely to try to preserve the base," Kehler told reporters at a breakfast hosted by the Space...

2009-04-01 10:10:00

An annual report released by the Space Foundation shows that global space revenues saw an increase of 2.5 percent to $257 billion in 2008. The report found that the industry is still experiencing steady growth even in the midst of a recession. Commercial satellite services and commercial infrastructure made up 67 percent of revenue, compared to 32 percent from government space spending. "Space activity has integrated itself so thoroughly into broader business activity, with an array of...

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