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2009-02-03 10:45:00

Historians say the use of chocolate goes back some 1,000 years in what is now the United States. University researchers worked along side the Hershey Center for Health and Nutrition on a special report about chocolate's history published in Tuesday's issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.The report said evidence of chocolate has been found in Pueblo Bonito in Chaco Canyon, N.M., the earliest indication of the tasty substance north of Mexico. Patricia L. Crown of the...

2009-01-23 16:01:00

NEW YORK, Jan. 23 /PRNewswire/ -- sweetriot is expressing their ongoing commitment to indie film makers by attending Sundance Film Festival for the 4th year in a row. This year sweetriot can be found rioting in Park City spreading cacao at various green events and film screenings. In January 2006 sweetriot went to the Sundance Film Festival to share cacao and support independent film makers -- given they are independent, too! While at Sundance, they got the fever for independent film making...

2008-12-18 13:50:00

Scientists say that as climate change increases, the world's chocolate supply could start to run low. Chocolate is made from the seeds of the cacao tree and in recent years demand has risen worldwide. But diseases destroy a third of the world's cacao crop every year, and it's getting worse. Cacao is a rainforest tree with shallow roots that responds poorly to drought, and droughts have hit harvests hard in recent years. However, the biggest chocolate company in the world, Mars Inc., has...

2007-11-13 00:00:00

WASHINGTON (AP) - Residents of Central America were enjoying chocolate drinks more than 3,000 years ago, a half millennium earlier than previously thought, new research shows. Archaeologists led by John Henderson of Cornell University studied the remains of pottery used in the lower Ulua Valley in northern Honduras about 1100 B.C. Residue from the pots contained theobromine, which occurs only in the cacao plant, the source of chocolate, the researchers said in Monday's online edition of...

2005-09-19 12:49:01

DURBAN, South Africa (Reuters) - Ghana is leading efforts to use waste from cocoa farming to produce household products and drinks -- from fertilizer and soap to wine and brandy -- that will boost income for poor farmers. The West African country has attracted massive interest after inviting bids from local and international companies to buy the unused parts of the cocoa plant, Roy Appiah, director of Ghana's Cocoa Research Institute, said on Monday. Appiah said the cocoa pod husks,...

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