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2014-07-07 08:23:51

VANCOUVER, July 7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ - Calico Resources Corp. (TSX-V: CKB) (the "Company" or "Calico") is pleased to announce the closing of the second tranche of its non-brokered private placement originally announced on March 25, 2014. In this second tranche, the Company issued 800,000 units at a price of $0.12 per unit. The total gross proceeds raised in this tranche amount to CDN$96,000.00. Each unit consists of one common share and one-half of one share purchase warrant....

2014-06-18 20:21:25

BUENA PARK, Calif., June 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- This summer Knott's Berry Farm, Southern California's premier theme park, proudly offers three new rides in a fresh Camp Snoopy, Calico Mine Ride - a fully refurbished theme park classic and exciting live entertainment the whole family can enjoy this summer season only. As part of the celebration of 30 years of Camp Snoopy, Knott's has revitalized one of the most beloved children's areas ever created. The beautification of the...

2014-05-14 23:16:20

Philatron is proud to be part of the 2014 renovation of the iconic Calico Mine Ride. Philatron’s electric coiled cables and straight bulk cables will be used to connect power, audio, and controls signals from the locomotive to the ore cars of the Calico Mine Ride. Santa Fe Springs, CA (PRWEB) May 14, 2014 The classic Calico Mine Ride, Knott’s first major attraction and theme park industry icon, will undergo an all-encompassing refurbishment complete with over 50 new state-of-the-art...

2014-02-04 16:23:23

Trading Symbols: TSX: SEA NYSE: SA TORONTO, Feb. 4, 2014 /PRNewswire/ - Seabridge Gold today reported that its agreement to sell its 10% net profits interest in the Grassy Mountain Project for proceeds of US$7.5 million will not proceed. The sale was conditional on the concurrent completion of the sale to Rockstar Resources Inc. ("Rockstar") by Calico Resources Corp. ("Calico") of its wholly owned subsidiary, Calico Resources USA Corp. ("Calico USA"), as...

2014-01-16 08:22:54

VANCOUVER, Jan. 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ - Status of Pending Shareholder Approval: Calico is pleased to advise that its shareholder's meeting to consider and approve the previously announced sale of its subsidiary, Calico Resources USA Corp., has been scheduled for February 19, 2014, to be held in Vancouver, British Columbia and that the materials for the shareholder meeting have been finalized. Support Agreement With Seabridge Gold Inc. Calico is pleased to announce that it...

2013-10-23 23:00:53

Today, First Class Posting released an article on Calico, Google's new anti aging initiative. (PRWEB) October 23, 2013 Extending the human life span is a goal as old as science itself, and now there’s a new player in the game: Calico. In September 2013, Google’s Larry Page announced the tech giant’s investment in a brand new health and wellness initiative called Calico, short for California Life Company. Calico’s focus? Taking on the health issues associated with age-related...

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Calico Pennant, Celithemis elisa
2013-07-17 11:20:06

The calico pennant (Celithemis elisa), also known as the Elisa pennant, is a species of dragonfly that can be found in North America. Its rage includes five provinces of Canada, including Nova Scotia and Ontario, and thirty-two states in America, including Maine and Texas. It can be found near lakes and ponds with abundant vegetation. This species can be seen between the months of May and August. The calico pennant reaches an average body length of 1.2 inches and holds a varying color that...

2007-04-10 16:02:02

A Shubunkin is a type of single-tailed goldfish with calico coloration, a combination of orange, white, black, red, and blue markings, blue being the most desired. They are similar to the common goldfish and the comet goldfish. Also called speckled goldfish, harlequin goldfish, calico goldfish, and coronation fish, they were developed in Japan about a hundred years ago by crossing calico fantails with single-tailed goldfish to produce a hardy, able swimmer with bright colors. There are...

2007-04-10 16:00:31

The Telescope eye is a type of goldfish characterized by its protruding eyes. The eyes are situated at the end of what is called the eye-stalk. Telescopes are a variety of fancy goldfish and possess a double tail and dorsal fin. Telescopes occur in all of the typical colorations of goldfish, but are most frequently seen in orange, calico, panda (black and white), and black, which is often referred to as a black moor. Care Because their protruding eyes cause poor vision, telescopes...

2007-04-10 14:11:27

An Oranda is a type of goldfish characterized by a fleshy outgrowth on the top of its head and sides of its face, called a wen. Standard Oranda goldfish have a dorsal fin and paired anal fins. Orandas can survive in temperatures ranging from 65-78 °F, in water with a pH of around 7 to 8, and are best fed a collection of fresh foods or hand made food due to the frequency of Flip-Over cases seen in these fish. Due to the design of the wen, and the fact that it appears to grow in stages or...

2007-04-10 14:06:21

A Fantail goldfish is a standard "fancy" type of goldfish. It has a dual-lobed tail, unlike its cousin the common or comet. Its fins can be different sizes, ranging from 1-3 in or more in length. A typical fantail has paired fins, including anal fins, a single dorsal fin, and a round, pointed body shape. It can range in color, from bronze (known as chocolate), orange, red, calico, and mixes of the colors. It is the third hardiest of the fancy goldfish with Comet first and Shubunkin second,...

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