Latest Calorie restriction Stories

2013-06-25 23:22:50

In April 2013, the Food and Drug Administration suggested that dieters should avoid the popular HCG diet and HCG weight-loss supplements.

2013-06-24 23:18:23

Diet Doc’s hCG diets and weight loss programs were developed to help patients lose weight fast and reduce the risk of weight-related disease but may also decrease the risk of obesity for their

2013-06-21 23:21:18

A study finds a possible link between a drug alternative that could slow age-associated impairments in the brain with restricting caloric intake.

2013-06-20 23:18:48

Diet Doc’s offers new hCG diets which now focus not only on initial fat loss, but also on educating patients on healthy eating and proper nutrition so that they can maintain their weight in

2013-06-19 23:18:31

Diet Doc's offers new hCG diets to utilize natural weight management supplements, now focusing on more nutrient rich meal plans to succeed in effective, fast weight loss and to alleviate weight-related

2013-06-19 23:17:45

Diet Doc’s hCG diets now operate in four continuous phases that permit patients fast weight loss specifically targeting hard to reach excess fat storage for those looking to lose belly fat and

2013-06-18 09:49:42

Low testosterone worsens the harmful effects of obesity in the nervous system.

2013-06-13 23:17:56

Diet Doc offers a new and improved sensible solution to help restore an attractive figure to those of all shapes and sizes who want to lose unwanted and unhealthy excess weight.

2013-06-10 23:22:15

Research has found that lowering the amount of calories in mice has helped protect them from mental impairments often associated with aging; meaning that appetite control supplements like Liproxenol,

2013-06-10 23:16:24

Diet Doc’s hCG diets use the powerful appetite suppressant hCG for patients looking to lose weight fast while preventing between meal cravings and its resulting poor grocery choices.

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