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Dog Walks Again Thanks To His Own Nose Cells
2012-11-19 14:13:48

[ Watch the Video: Dog Has Spinal Cord Regeneration ] Michael Harper for redOrbit.com — Your Universe Online More than just Man´s Best Friend, dogs also have incredible little wet noses. It´s widely believed that a dog´s sense of smell is 1,000 times better than a humans, thanks to hundreds of millions of olfactory receptors. While the smelling sense of a dog has been widely reported and is very well known, the canine nose may be even more powerful than we once...

2012-03-14 09:39:11

Anesthetic gel made from a rare plant found deep in the Peruvian rainforest has been found to be so potent that it could potentially replace the uncomfortable anesthetic injections used prior to dental procedures -- and provide a natural remedy for aching teeth, scientists say. The remarkable painkilling properties of the Acmella oleracea plant, commonly referred to as Spilanthes Extract, have been used for centuries if not millennia by Incas to treat toothache, ulcers, abscesses and to...

Artificial 'Womb' Unlocks Secrets Of Early Embryo Development
2012-03-03 04:47:44

Pioneering work by a leading University of Nottingham scientist has helped reveal for the first time a vital process in the development of the early mammalian embryo. A team led by Professor of Tissue Engineering, Kevin Shakesheff, has created a new device in the form of a soft polymer bowl which mimics the soft tissue of the mammalian uterus in which the embryo implants. The research has been published in the journal Nature Communications. This new laboratory culture method has allowed...

University Denies Report Calling Hawking A Strip Club Regular
2012-02-29 06:03:08

Cambridge University has confirmed reports from an American website that renowned physicist and professor Stephen Hawking had been spotted at a gentleman's club in California. However, they denied that the 70-year-old author of A Brief History of Time was a regular at the Freedom Acres swingers club in Devore, as had been reported by RadarOnline.com last Friday. Tim Holt, a press officer for the university, said on Tuesday that the original story was "greatly exaggerated" and that it...

2012-01-26 04:20:01

A*STAR scholar Ms Christine Cheung first author of team paper published this month in Nature Biotechnology*Singapore, Jan 26, 2012 - (ACN Newswire) - A Cambridge University research team has for the first time discovered a method of generating different types of vascular smooth muscle cells (SMCs) - the cells which make up the walls of blood vessels - using cells from patients' skin. This work could lead to new treatments and better screening for cardiovascular disease.Cardiovascular disease...

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