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2009-03-04 15:33:35

Police in Massachusetts said a man who was wallet-shopping at a Wal-Mart discovered 10 human teeth inside one of the billfolds he was considering. Investigators said the man found the adult teeth, one of which had a filling, at about 9:58 p.m. at the Falmouth store and turned the unusual discovery over to Wal-Mart employees, The Standard Times, New Bedford, Mass., reported Wednesday. We're not aware of anything like this happening in the past and we believe this to be an isolated incident,...

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Camelops, Camelops hesternus
2012-05-08 08:14:21

Camelops, an extinct genus of camel, was found in North America in places like Arizona and they first appeared there in the late Pliocene era. There are six known species in this genus. Camelops became extinct at the end of the Pleistocene era, around ten thousand years ago. The Camelops extinction was part of a larger die-off of other large animals including mastodons, horses, and camelids. The Clovis Culture, producing a burst in technology by humans, is thought to have been the cause of...

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