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2011-01-18 11:31:25

Careful analysis shows seismometer noise includes signals from storms in the South Atlantic and 'footquakes' from soccer matches.

2011-01-04 13:08:00

WASHINGTON, Jan. 4, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Global Fund, a global partnership to prevent and treat AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, has awarded Plan over $52 million for a set of health projects in Benin, Togo and Cameroon.

2010-11-29 11:42:00

EATONTOWN, N.J. and ALBANY, N.Y., Nov. 29, 2010 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- StratoComm Corporation (STCO) is providing interim status as to company activities and plans going forward. Following is a review and current status of the company's present activities.

2010-11-18 16:56:42

A new study finds a lack of transparency and corruption are reducing the impact of an initiative in Cameroon that channels a portion of national timber levies to rural forest communities.

2010-07-15 09:31:00


2010-07-13 01:00:00

-- BGAN X-Stream mobile satellite service streams broadcast-quality video from the field -- BETHESDA, MD, July 13 /PRNewswire/ - Stratos Global, the leading global provider of advanced mobile and fixed-site remote communications solutions, today announced that Cameroon's Equinoxe Television successfully deployed Inmarsat's BGAN X-Stream mobile satellite service to broadcast news and match results of the Cameroon national team from the FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

2010-05-18 02:00:00

HERZOGENAURACH, Germany, May 18, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- - Sportlifestyle Company to Host Cameroon, Ghana and Ivory Coast Football Teams in Paris for Exhibition Game Before World Cup(TM) - PUMA to Host Free Concert Featuring Africa Express Artists PUMA(R) announced today it will host the 'Africa Unity Experience' in Paris from May 28-29 as the brand's kick-off for World Cup(TM).

2010-05-04 04:00:00

Five-Year Program to Reach Nearly 30,000 Smallholder Farmers in Cameroon YAOUNDE, Cameroon, May 4 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- At a ceremony held in Yaounde, the World Cocoa Foundation launched the Cocoa Livelihoods Program (CLP) in Cameroon.

2010-04-26 10:10:00


2010-04-15 02:00:00

SAN FRANCISCO, April 15 /PRNewswire/ -- A new study issued this month shows several remarkable changes in the ways people in the U.S. are communicating with family and friends in the central western African Republic of Cameroon.

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2013-10-07 08:23:12

The Ngoubou is cryptid in the savanna area of Cameroon and is claimed to fight elephants for land. The pygmies of the region call the creature a Ngoubou that translates to rhinoceros, but the pygmies say that it is not a normal rhinoceros. While a rhino has one horn, the Ngoubou has six horns around its frill. According to locals, the Ngoubou is about the size of an ox. William Gibb and David Wetzel visited the area in 2000 and spoke with the local residents. They claimed an elder of the...

Goliath Frog, Conraua goliath
2013-07-24 11:33:06

The Goliath Frog (Conraua goliath) is the largest living anuran on Earth. The largest known specimens can grow up to 13 inches long from snout to vent, and weighs up to 7 pounds. This animal has a relatively small habitat range, mainly in Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea. Its numbers are decreasing because of habitat destruction and its collection for consumption and the pet trade. Their eyes can be almost .98 inches in diameter. The obvious tympanum has a diameter of about .20 inches and is...

Peter's Duiker, Cephalophus callipygus
2012-09-03 07:31:00

Peter’s duiker (Cephalophus callipygus) is a species of antelope that can be found in southern Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, and northern areas of the Republic of Congo. It prefers a habitat in dense, undisturbed primary forests or rainforests, but it will inhabit forests that have been logged if there is enough cover. It can reach an average height of twenty inches at the shoulder, with a weight of forty pounds. Its fur is typically greyish brown in color. It is thought that Weyns’...

2008-10-18 12:24:29

The Gray-backed Fiscal (Lanius excubitoroides) is a species of bird found in Burundi, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mali, Mauritania, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda. Its natural habitats are dry savanna and subtropical or tropical dry lowland grassland.

2007-10-22 16:03:24

The Bioko Allen's Bushbaby (Galago alleni) , also known as Bioko Allen's Galago, or Bioko Allen's Squirrel Galago is a species of primate in the Galagidae family. It is found in Angola, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Republic of the Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, and Nigeria. Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical dry forests.

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