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2007-11-29 21:10:05

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa -- Four rare gorillas at the center of a five-year international tussle were due to fly from South Africa just after midnight Friday to a wildlife sanctuary in Cameroon. Tinu, Izan, Oyin and Abbey were all lightly tranquilized as they were loaded into giant wooden crates Thursday for the 18-hour journey to their new home. They seemed fine as they emerged from that initial sedation, and were to lightly tranquilized again before the flight, said Christina Pretorius of...

2007-09-19 09:01:49

By Jirovetz, Leopold Buchbauer, Gerhard; Eller, Gernot; Ngassoum, Martin Benoit; Maponmetsem, Pierre M Abstract The essential oils of fresh flowers (2 samples), leaves and stems of Cymbopogon giganteus (Hochst.) Chiovenda from Cameroon were investigated by GC and GC/MS. More than 55 components have been identified in the samples 1 (flowers 1), 2 (leaves), 3 (stems) and 4 (flowers 2) with main compounds possessing the p-menthathene skeleton as follows: cis-p-mentha-1(7),8-then-2-ol (1:...

2006-08-20 13:28:09

By Tansa Musa YAOUNDE (Reuters) - It struck after dark, a silent killer that snuffed out 1,800 lives. The lethal gas cloud that erupted from a volcanic lake in Cameroon on the evening of August 21, 1986 was invisible but not unforeseeable, and many fear the "killer lake" may strike again. Moreover, many survivors say they have had too little help to start life afresh elsewhere and some are returning to their ancestral lands by Lake Nyos, ignoring government safety warnings and...

2006-08-12 10:18:40

By Tume Ahemba BORO CAMP, Nigeria (Reuters) - Nigeria has pulled thousands of troops out of the Bakassi peninsula ahead of a Monday deadline for a complete withdrawal, but many residents said they would resist a handover to Cameroon. The International Court of Justice ruled in 2002 that Nigeria should turn over Bakassi, which has offshore oil deposits and is rich in fisheries, to its eastern neighbor after a decades-long dispute that nearly brought the two to war in 1981. But many...

2006-07-21 13:29:24

By Tansa Musa YAOUNDE, Cameroon (Reuters) - It is 4:30 a.m. in Douala, Cameroon's business capital, and a severely beaten man with his hands lashed behind his back lies on the road in Bepanda district surrounded by an irate mob. Blood oozes from his nostrils and ears as his tormentors place two tires around his body. "Bring me petrol!" a man barks from the crowd. A boy runs to a nearby filling station and returns with a quart of fuel. Just as the man lifts his hand to light the...

2006-07-08 20:15:00

By Alister Doyle, Environment Correspondent TRONDHEIM, Norway (Reuters) - Hundreds of deaths caused by volcanic leaks of carbon dioxide from Cameroon to California are worrying experts seeking ways to bury industrial emissions of the gas as part of an assault on global warming. Governments and companies are researching how to trap carbon dioxide -- a greenhouse gas released by burning fossil fuels in power plants and factories -- and then entomb it safely in porous rocks deep below ground....

2006-07-07 08:16:55

By Tansa Musa YAOUNDE, Cameroon (Reuters) - Worried that her daughters' budding breasts would expose them to the risk of sexual harassment and even rape, their mother Philomene Moungang started 'ironing' the girls' bosoms with a heated stone. "I did it to my two girls when they were eight years old. I would take the grinding stone, heat it in the fire and press it hard on the breasts," Moungang said. "They cried and said it was painful. But I explained that it was for their own...

2006-06-30 14:36:52

By Tansa Musa YAOUNDE, Jun (Reuters) - Cameroon could lose all of its 3,000 practicing doctors within three years if the government does not act quickly to stem a brain drain in the health sector, the national doctors' association said on Friday. "Between now and 2009 if nothing is done to stop this mass exodus our hospitals will be empty and the government may be forced to undertake a massive recruitment of young doctors," Professor Tetanye Okie, vice president of the ONMC...

2006-03-23 13:27:26

By Tansa Musa YAOUNDE (Reuters) - At least 127 people were feared drowned after a wooden boat traveling from Nigeria to Gabon sank off Cameroon's Atlantic port of Kribi, a local official and aid workers said on Thursday. The boat, which broke up in high seas, was discovered by a fisherman who alerted his colleagues and people living in coastal villages who rushed to the scene to find bodies floating on the water and survivors hanging on to flotsam. "By the time we called security...

2006-03-13 12:39:19

By Darren Schuettler BANGKOK (Reuters) - Myanmar has reported what is believed to be the secretive country's first case of bird flu, while Afghanistan feared on Monday it was the latest country to discover the deadly virus. Underscoring bird flu's rapid spread around the globe, Cameroon became the fourth African country to report an outbreak of bird flu on Sunday, joining Nigeria, Egypt and Niger, which have reported cases of the H5N1 flu virus in poultry. In a matter of weeks,...

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2013-10-07 08:23:12

The Ngoubou is cryptid in the savanna area of Cameroon and is claimed to fight elephants for land. The pygmies of the region call the creature a Ngoubou that translates to rhinoceros, but the pygmies say that it is not a normal rhinoceros. While a rhino has one horn, the Ngoubou has six horns around its frill. According to locals, the Ngoubou is about the size of an ox. William Gibb and David Wetzel visited the area in 2000 and spoke with the local residents. They claimed an elder of the...

Goliath Frog, Conraua goliath
2013-07-24 11:33:06

The Goliath Frog (Conraua goliath) is the largest living anuran on Earth. The largest known specimens can grow up to 13 inches long from snout to vent, and weighs up to 7 pounds. This animal has a relatively small habitat range, mainly in Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea. Its numbers are decreasing because of habitat destruction and its collection for consumption and the pet trade. Their eyes can be almost .98 inches in diameter. The obvious tympanum has a diameter of about .20 inches and is...

Peter's Duiker, Cephalophus callipygus
2012-09-03 07:31:00

Peter’s duiker (Cephalophus callipygus) is a species of antelope that can be found in southern Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, and northern areas of the Republic of Congo. It prefers a habitat in dense, undisturbed primary forests or rainforests, but it will inhabit forests that have been logged if there is enough cover. It can reach an average height of twenty inches at the shoulder, with a weight of forty pounds. Its fur is typically greyish brown in color. It is thought that Weyns’...

2008-10-18 12:24:29

The Gray-backed Fiscal (Lanius excubitoroides) is a species of bird found in Burundi, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mali, Mauritania, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda. Its natural habitats are dry savanna and subtropical or tropical dry lowland grassland.

2007-10-22 16:03:24

The Bioko Allen's Bushbaby (Galago alleni) , also known as Bioko Allen's Galago, or Bioko Allen's Squirrel Galago is a species of primate in the Galagidae family. It is found in Angola, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Republic of the Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, and Nigeria. Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical dry forests.

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