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2008-08-26 03:00:20

By Huntley, John Warren Yanes, Yurena; Kowalewski, Michal; Castillo, Carolina; Delgado-Huertas, Antonio; Ibanez, Miguel; Alonso, Maria R; Ortiz, Jose E; de Torres, Trinidad Abstract.- The hypothesis of limiting similarity, which postulates that morphologically and/or ecologically similar species will differ enough in shape, size, or other variables to minimize competition, has been controversial among ecologiste and paleoecologists.

2008-08-22 06:00:27

By Caroline Brothers and Tom Rachman Caroline Brothers reported from Madrid and Tom Rachman from Paris. Micheline Maynard contributed from Detroit.

2008-08-22 00:00:14

By DANIEL WOOLLS MADRID, Spain--The plane that crashed in Madrid reported an air intake valve overheating before a first attempt at takeoff but it was not immediately clear whether that was a factor in the accident that killed 153 people, owner of Spanair said today.

2008-08-21 21:00:26

By Harold Heckle MADRID, Spain - A jetliner heading to the popular Canary Islands vacation resort crashed during takeoff Wednesday, turning a wooded area off the end of a runway into a hellish scene of charred bodies and smoldering wreckage.

2008-08-21 09:00:08

By HAROLD HECKLE By Harold Heckle The Associated Press MADRID, Spain A jetliner heading to the Canary Islands crashed during takeoff Wednesday, turning a wooded area off the end of a runway into a hellish scene of charred bodies and smoldering wreckage.

2008-07-26 18:00:28

A GRANDMOTHER who flew to the Canary Islands using her husband's passport spoke of her shock about the document mix-up yesterday.

2006-08-19 12:58:25

MADRID (Reuters) - Hundreds of illegal migrants reached the shores of Spain's Canary Islands at the weekend after traveling in wooden boats from West Africa, the islands' emergency services said on Saturday. Six boats carrying 506 people landed on Tenerife and La Gomera on Friday.

2006-06-22 07:35:00

Crippled by polio and fleeing civil war in his native Ivory Coast, Bakary Kone thought he had found asylum when Spanish coastguards picked up his small boat packed with West African immigrants.

2006-03-08 11:26:02

By Ben Harding MADRID (Reuters) - More than 1,000 migrants have died trying to reach Spain's Canary Islands this year, the Red Cross estimated, as more and more Africans attempt to break into "Fortress Europe" by using ever longer sea routes.

2005-12-09 12:39:51

By Emma Ross-Thomas and Elisabeth O'Leary MADRID (Reuters) - Croatian General Ante Gotovina, one of the three most wanted suspects from the Balkan wars, will leave a Madrid jail for The Hague war crimes court on Saturday, police and legal sources said on Friday.

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Laurel, Laurus novocanariensis
2014-02-14 14:59:58

Laurus novocanariensis is a large shrub or tree that belongs to the Lauraceae family. The genus includes 3 species each containing several overlapping characteristics. L. novocanariensis can grow up to 66 feet high. It has aromatic, dark green glossy and leathery leaves, which have small glands in the armpit of the spine. The shrub or tree has lateral veins. It bears small white flowers that are about .4 inches in diameter.  The flowers are born in pairs beside a leaf. The fruit it...

2007-10-26 12:43:27

The Blue Chaffinch (Fringilla teydea), is a small passerine bird in the finch family Fringillidae. This bird lives mainly in mountain Canary Island Pine (Pinus canariensis) forests on Tenerife and Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands. However it can also be found in bushy areas. Its preference is for habitat at around 3600-6600 feet, but it will descend lower in bad weather. The Blue Chaffinch structurally resembles a large Chaffinch with a thicker bill, but the breeding male is...

2007-10-24 15:48:09

The Wild Canary (Serinus canaria), sometimes called the Island Canary, Atlantic Canary, or just Canary, is a small bird in the finch family. It is native to the Azores, the Canary Islands, and Madeira. This bird was named after the Canary Islands, not vice-versa. Its habitat is semi-open areas such as orchards and copses. This is not the same bird as the domesticated pet canary. The Wild Canary is 4.9-5.3 inches long with a wingspan of 7.9-9.0 inches. It weighs between 0.5 and 0.7 ounces....

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