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2005-12-09 09:19:38

By Emma Ross-Thomas and Elisabeth O'Leary MADRID (Reuters) - Croatian General Ante Gotovina, one of the three most wanted suspects from the Balkan wars, will leave a Madrid jail for The Hague war crimes court on Friday, a Spanish court source said. Gotovina, who was arrested in Spain's Canary Islands on Wednesday, will be taken on a Spanish military plane, the source said. No official confirmation was available. The arrest of one of the main suspects from the 1990s Balkan wars is a...

2005-12-09 06:51:15

By Elisabeth O'Leary MADRID (Reuters) - Croatian General Ante Gotovina, awaiting transfer to The Hague war crimes court after his surprise arrest in Spain's Canary Islands, had been detected there as early as spring 2004, Croatian media said on Friday. The arrest of one of the three most wanted suspects from the 1990s Balkan wars is a major boost for the U.N. court, and it brought calls for more efforts to catch its top fugitives, Bosnian Serb wartime leaders Radovan Karadzic and...

2005-01-03 17:49:57

LONDON (AFP) -- Countries all around the Atlantic rim could be hit by killer tsunamis at any time between now and the next 10,000 years, the British government's chief scientific adviser said. Writing in the Independent on Sunday newspaper, Sir David King said danger lies in the potential collapse of one of the Canary Islands, Cumbre Vieja, "a mass of rock off the coast of La Palma," into the ocean deep. "Tsunamis caused by this would overwhelm the Canary Islands and batter the coasts of...

2004-12-01 08:13:29

MADRID, Spain (AP) -- An estimated 100 million locusts swarmed one of the Canary Islands Tuesday, but the crop-ravaging insects - many with only a week to live - posed little threat, arriving with missing wings and broken legs after their 60-mile flight from the African mainland. Millions of others in the swarm were being blown back out to sea before arriving on Fuerteventura Island as the strong Atlantic Ocean winds changed direction. The reddish, grasshopper-like insects began infesting...

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Laurel, Laurus novocanariensis
2014-02-14 14:59:58

Laurus novocanariensis is a large shrub or tree that belongs to the Lauraceae family. The genus includes 3 species each containing several overlapping characteristics. L. novocanariensis can grow up to 66 feet high. It has aromatic, dark green glossy and leathery leaves, which have small glands in the armpit of the spine. The shrub or tree has lateral veins. It bears small white flowers that are about .4 inches in diameter.  The flowers are born in pairs beside a leaf. The fruit it...

2007-10-26 12:43:27

The Blue Chaffinch (Fringilla teydea), is a small passerine bird in the finch family Fringillidae. This bird lives mainly in mountain Canary Island Pine (Pinus canariensis) forests on Tenerife and Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands. However it can also be found in bushy areas. Its preference is for habitat at around 3600-6600 feet, but it will descend lower in bad weather. The Blue Chaffinch structurally resembles a large Chaffinch with a thicker bill, but the breeding male is...

2007-10-24 15:48:09

The Wild Canary (Serinus canaria), sometimes called the Island Canary, Atlantic Canary, or just Canary, is a small bird in the finch family. It is native to the Azores, the Canary Islands, and Madeira. This bird was named after the Canary Islands, not vice-versa. Its habitat is semi-open areas such as orchards and copses. This is not the same bird as the domesticated pet canary. The Wild Canary is 4.9-5.3 inches long with a wingspan of 7.9-9.0 inches. It weighs between 0.5 and 0.7 ounces....

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