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2010-08-13 12:25:00

After more than three decades away, an endangered leatherback turtle has returned to the beaches of Malaysia in what is being hailed by conservationists as a "miracle." The "Puteri Rantau Abang" or Rantau Abang Princess turtle, which was identified by local experts due to distinctive markings on its shell and flipper, returned to the Rantau Abang beachfront in July. It is the first leatherback turtle to return to the northern state of Terengganu since the 1980s, according to a Friday article...

2008-11-26 15:20:00

Researchers in China reported finding fossilized remains of the most primitive turtle to date, providing more insight into how reptiles evolved. The fossils depict an ancient turtle with teeth, a fully formed belly shell and a partially formed back shell. Researchers say the so-called Odontochelys (half-shelled turtle with teeth) lived some 220 million years ago. Scientists have lacked enough evidence to prove competing evolutionary theories because turtles have looked pretty much the same...

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2007-03-19 18:46:03

The Mata mata, Chelus fimbriatus, is a turtle native to South America. Once one has seen a mata mata, it is unlikely to ever be confused with any other turtle. It is truly a one-of-a-kind species. The name mata mata is derived and translated from the Spanish term "it kills, it kills". The carapace is oblong and black or brown, and is about 17.5 inches long. The head is very distinctive, triangular, large, extremely flattened. There are numerous tubercles and flaps of skin. The snout is...

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