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Cancer Drugs Can Be Made More Potent
2012-08-30 14:16:50

Watch the Video: MU Research Team Creates Potent Cancer Drug Lee Rannals for redOrbit.com - Your Universe Online Medicinal chemists have rolled up their sleeves and created a new cancer drug that is 10 times as potent as current drugs. The team set out to take an existing drug being developed to fight certain cancers, added special structures to it, and created an even more powerful weapon to combat the deadly affliction. "Over the past decade, we have seen an increasing interest...

2009-05-01 08:54:15

The discovery of a soccer-ball-shaped molecule made of 60 carbon atoms was a minor revolution in chemistry: Fullerenes are spherical, highly symmetrical molecules made of carbon atoms, and are the third form of carbon after diamond and graphite. However, the C60 "soccer ball" is not the only fullerene by far. Among its less stable relations is the C80 fullerene. There are seven different possible structural forms that have 80 carbon atoms in a symmetrical, spherical arrangement. Among the...

2009-03-26 10:10:00

To be useful in real-world applications, a self-assembled monolayer (SAM) of molecules on a surface must have a stable and controllable geometry. Researchers at Penn State and the Sigma-Aldrich company have found a way to control geometry and stability by making SAMs out of different carboranethiol isomers, which are cage-like molecules. The research results will be published in the March 2009 issue of the journal ACS Nano."Our results allow us to control the chemical and physical properties...

2009-03-24 15:22:20

U.S. scientists say they have found a way to control the geometry and stability of a new family of self-assembled-monolayer materials called carboranes. The Pennsylvania State University researchers said the exceptionally high quality and simplicity of the improved carboranes opens up new capabilities in selective patterning and control, and new possibilities for applications. They said a tailored carborane film just one-nanometer or two-nanometers in height completely changes the chemical,...

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