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2010-03-30 13:52:42

An important gene that normally protects the body against cancer can itself cause a variety of cancers depending on the specific mutation that damages it

2010-02-17 12:54:56

A new study of mutations in cancer genomes shows how researchers can begin to distinguish the 'driver' mutations that push cells towards cancer from the 'passenger' mutations that are a by-product of cancer cell development.

2010-01-14 13:47:50

According to modern biology textbooks, a single genetic mutation is rarely enough to cause cancer.

2010-01-07 08:20:10

In a new study, scientists have searched for mutations in the gene regions of more than 100 kidney cancer samples, the largest number of samples from a single tumor type to be sequenced to date.

2010-01-05 14:46:00

Scientists at The University of Nottingham have found that a group of genetic rogue elements, produced by DNA sequences commonly known as ‘junk DNA’, could help diagnose breast and bowel cancer.

2009-12-17 12:52:32

Professor Dr. Sanford Markowitz details promising findings leading to reducing the burden of the disease.

2009-12-15 12:56:41

Tumor suppressor genes make proteins that help control cell growth.

2009-12-10 08:40:00

By looking at yeast cells, Jeffrey Laney, assistant professor of biology, has figured out one way in which cells can transform themselves: a cellular “machine” removes a regulatory “lid.”

2009-11-13 09:54:15

One difficulty with fighting cancer cells is that they are similar in many respects to the body's stem cells.

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