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2011-02-01 22:37:49

Massive cell proliferation arises from same metabolic state in developing flies, tumors As day-old embryos, fruit flies called Drosophila enter a stage in which their cells freely divide and proliferate as the insect grows dramatically in size. This is true for all animals, which undergo most of their growth prior to sexual maturation. Until now, researchers have known nothing about the metabolic state that occurs when cells divide during early development. But in a study published online...

2009-12-02 18:26:55

Tiny insects can shed light on human regulatory processes, U of U-led studies find How do fruit flies get high cholesterol and become obese? The same way as people do "“ by eating a diet that's too rich in fats. More importantly, according to two new studies led by a University of Utah human geneticist, fruit flies use the same molecular mechanisms as humans to help maintain proper balances of cholesterol and a key form of stored fat that contributes to obesity. The findings mean that...

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