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2010-03-12 06:35:00

Morale was high and more than $1 billion was raised to fight deforestation during a one-day climate change conference held in Paris on Thursday -- a stark contrast to the disappointment and discouraging Copenhagen talks just a few months ago. After French President Nicolas Sarkozy opened the conference by describing his frustration with December 2009's United Nations (UN) emissions conference, considerable progress was made in Paris, as a 10-nation panel was established to help oversee the...

2008-10-09 09:00:35

Brazil to have 7 million more hectares of land for sugarcane production RIO DE JANEIRO, Oct. 8 (Xinhua) -- Brazil's Environment Minister Carlos Minc announced an expansion project on Wednesday to have 7 million more hectares of land for planting sugarcane. The expansion project aims to boost ethanol production without damaging food production or causing a hike in food prices, Minc said in Brasilia during a public hearing on agriculture and land reform. The whole project is expected...

2008-08-14 09:40:00

Legal challenges and a dispute between construction groups are threatening to delay the construction of a dam in the Amazon approved by Brazil earlier this week. The Brazilian government plans to place two dams on the Madeira River, one of the Amazon River's largest tributaries.  The government sees them as a key to preventing major energy shortages over the next decade. The $13 billion Santo Antonio and Jirau projects are also seen as a major step toward regional integration. They...

2008-07-23 09:00:39

Brazil toughens environmental regulations RIO DE JANEIRO, July 22 (Xinhua) -- Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva signed Tuesday a decree aiming to toughen the country's environmental law. According to the new rules, any person or company obstructing environment-related inspections by government institutions will face a fine of up to 100,000 reais (62,500 U.S. dollars) which has to be paid within four months. Under the old system, the amount of fine was decided on a case by...

2008-07-16 15:00:24

Brazil reduces estimate of 2008 Amazon rainforest destruction RIO DE JANEIRO, July 15 (Xinhua) -- Brazilian Environment Minister Carlos Minc Tuesday said the government has revised its estimate of the Amazon rainforest's total destruction area for 2008 from 15,000 to 13,000 square km. According to the National Institute for Space Research (Inpe), the deforestation in the Amazon region registered 1,096 square km in May, down from 1,123 square km in April. The minister said at a press...

2008-06-25 06:00:00

By Andrew Downie In an unprecedented move against rogue cattle ranchers in the Amazon, the Brazilian government has seized livestock grazing there illegally. Officials carted off 3,100 head of cattle that they said were being raised on an ecological reserve in the state of Para, in an operation intended to serve as a warning to other ranchers grazing an estimated 60,000 head on illegally deforested land in Amazonia, the environment minister, Carlos Minc, said. "No more being soft," Minc...

2008-06-18 10:20:00

Environmentalists are praising Brazil's new environment minister for reaching an agreement with the grain processing industry to ban purchases of soy from deforested Amazon until July 2009. "This same initiative will be extended to two other sectors -- the timber sector and the beef sector," said Environment Minister Carlos Minc. Minc's initiative is essential to the protection of the world's largest rainforest. Deforestation in the region quickened in the past months as world grain prices...

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