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2009-07-01 06:11:45

Strangely shaped fruits and vegetables, such as bendy cucumbers and knobbly carrots, will be allowed back into European supermarkets on July 1.

2009-06-17 12:50:00

New research shows that the anti-cancer properties of carrots are more potent if the vegetable is not cut up before cooking.

2009-05-04 08:00:00

A Challenging Economy Highlights Employers' Desire for Health Care Solutions ST.

2009-04-20 13:51:27

Children in rural parts of the lower Mississippi Delta are willing to try fruits and vegetables, but those foods are often in short supply, researchers say. Dr. Beverly McCabe-Sellers of the U.S.

2009-04-19 13:08:03

The good nutrition news is that children in poor, rural parts of the Lower Mississippi Delta are a lot more willing to try fresh fruits and vegetables than generally believed, even by their parents or the kids themselves.

2009-03-02 15:25:56

Do you have a picky preschooler who's avoiding their vegetables? A new Cornell University study shows that giving vegetables catchy new names – like X-Ray Vision Carrots and Tomato Bursts – left preschoolers asking for more.

2008-04-16 18:00:00

When Gail Schalizki was a child, her mom made her wait 30 minutes after eating to get back in the swimming pool. Schalizki said that was torture.

2008-01-14 18:25:00

A specially developed carrot has been produced to help people absorb more calcium.

2006-03-17 12:20:00

Women who eat plenty of tomatoes, carrots and leafy greens appear less likely to have asthma, researchers have found

2005-02-10 09:15:00

There's more good news from the garden: A compound in carrots may be a potent cancer fighter, reducing malignancies in rats by a third, a European study claims.

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2013-04-27 07:50:37

Biennial plants have a two year life cycle; roots, stems and leaves in the first year with flowers following the next year after a cold winter dormant period. Biennials will produce seed and fruit before dying. There are not as many biennial plants as there are perennials or annuals. Biennial plants, when exposed to extreme climate conditions, may have a shortened life cycle of a few months especially if the plants were exposed to colder than normal temperatures. Most biennials can be...

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