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2004-11-25 06:00:07

Won't eat Boiled carrots The best vegetable source of vitamin A, needed for the immune system to fight coughs and colds, and for healthy skin, eyes and growth. A kids' portion is the amount a child can fit in their hand. Might eat Purple carrots cut into flower shapes Try Sainsbury's Taste The Difference purple carrots - an old- fashioned variety which may tempt them on novelty value alone. They're just as nutritious. Cut them into flower shapes for more fun. Will eat...

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Biennial Plant
2013-04-27 07:50:37

Biennial plants have a two year life cycle; roots, stems and leaves in the first year with flowers following the next year after a cold winter dormant period. Biennials will produce seed and fruit before dying. There are not as many biennial plants as there are perennials or annuals. Biennial plants, when exposed to extreme climate conditions, may have a shortened life cycle of a few months especially if the plants were exposed to colder than normal temperatures. Most biennials can be...

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