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2010-08-23 13:29:54

In prehistoric times farmers across the world domesticated wild plants to create an agricultural revolution. As a result the ancestral plants have been lost, causing problems for anyone studying the domestication process of modern-day varieties, but that might change. A team led by Fabiola Parra at the Universidad Nacional Aut³noma de M©xico (UNAM) has managed to trace a domesticated cactus, the Gray Ghost Organ Pipe (Stenocereus pruinosus) to its living ancestor that can still be...

2008-07-02 18:00:16

By MAGGIE FITZROY They learned that ink was once made from pokeweed berries, and that the Declaration of Independence was written in pokeweed ink. They learned that birds like to eat beauty berry seeds. That people like to make jelly from beauty berries. And that dollar weed, despite being considered a pesky weed, is delicious. "The first week, you ate gator tails, last week you ate insects, so this week, we are going to feed you weeds," St. Johns County horticulturist Keith Fuller told...

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  • A 'bachelor seal'; a young male seal which is prevented from mating by its herd's older males (mated bulls defending their territory).
This comes from the Russian word for 'bachelors.'