Latest Casamance Stories

2006-03-19 10:57:22

By Alberto Dabo SAO DOMINGOS, Guinea Bissau (Reuters) - Guinea Bissau troops used rockets and mortars at the weekend to bombard southern Senegal separatist rebels in a border zone, killing at least one of the rebels, an officer said on Sunday. Four Guinea Bissau troops were also injured in the clashes, which have raged for several days around Sao Domingos town near the frontier with Senegal's southern Casamance region, where rebels have fought a low-intensity separatist war for...

2006-01-26 08:10:00

By Daniel Flynn DJIBONKOR, Senegal -- Legend has it that the Bainouk people of southern Senegal were cursed by a tyrannical king, who with his dying breath condemned them to wander in poverty forever. Today, the Bainouk eke out a meager existence from agriculture in the forests of the lush Casamance region, their ancient language and lifestyle under threat from the encroaching modern world. "If we speak our language no one can understand us, so we use Diola if we go into town," said...

2006-01-23 12:37:37

By Daniel Flynn CAP SKIRRING, Senegal (Reuters) - Soldiers lounge by a sandbagged checkpoint and an army truck bearing a heavy sub-machinegun trundles along the potholed road to one of West Africa's premier beach resorts. Most of the European tourists who flock to Cap Skirring in search of winter sun only get a brief glimpse of the soldiers as they drive from the airport to the pristine beaches and manicured golf courses of the luxury hotels. But for residents of Senegal's tropical...

2005-11-04 08:23:41

By Rose Skelton ZIGUINCHOR, Senegal (Reuters) - Dressed head-to-toe in a costume of deep red tree bark and with a large knife in each hand, the monster-like figure turns the corner of a quiet street, screeches and strides after a group of fleeing women. Trampling plastic buckets beneath its oversized bark-clad feet, it slashes at wooden market stalls where minutes before vendors were lazily swatting flies from piles of fish. Petrified children cry and women scream as they flee the...

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