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2008-09-05 03:00:12

Text of report by semi-official Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA) website Iran opposed the passing of a pipeline through the Caspian Sea.

2008-09-04 21:00:32

ASTANA. Sept 4 (Interfax) - The government of Kazakhstan adheres to the diversity of energy export routes, Kazakh Prime Minister Karim Masimov told the Third Eurasian Energy Forum, KazEnergy, in Astana on Thursday. "Kazakhstan will carry on the strategy of diversification of energy routes.

2008-09-04 15:00:30

Text of report by privately-owned Interfax-Kazakhstan news agency Astana: 4 September: The political situation in Georgia has not affected transporting Kazakh oil along the route from Baku to Batumi [port in Georgia], the president of the KazMunayGaz national oil and gas company, Kairgeldy Kabyldin, has said.

2008-09-03 12:00:28

Energy deliveries to Europe were the main topic of the talks held by US Vice-President Dick Cheney in Baku on 3 September, Azerbaijani Turan news agency has said. "Russia's current aggression means that the USA and Europe are even more interested in diversifying their energy supply routes.

2008-09-02 12:15:00

Russia's actions "did not in any way damage energy facilities on the Georgian territory" including to the Baku-Ceyhan [also known as Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan] oil pipeline, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has said at a news conference.

2008-09-01 12:00:18

Russia wants to establish control over Georgia in order to block the East-West energy corridor, Georgian newspaper Rezonansi has said.

2008-08-31 09:00:26

The following is the text of Nadejda Shumilina's report "To Kill the Caspian Sea" published by the Kazakh newspaper website Vremya on 13 August: "Millions of tonnes of poisons will pour on our heads," this is what academician Muftakh Diyarov sharply said about the volumes of pollutant emissions from a new oil processing facility during a public consultation in Atyrau Region.

2008-08-28 12:01:16

Azerbaijan's state oil company SOCAR has started to deliver oil to world markets through Iran, the APA news agency has reported, quoting an unnamed source in the government.

2008-08-27 12:01:19

Following is an excerpt from Andrey Stepanov's report published by the Kazakh newspaper Novoye Pokoleniye on 8 August Last week, information blockade around Kashagan, the largest oil and gas project in the Kazakh section of the Caspian Sea, was lifted.

2008-08-27 09:01:20

Text of report by Slovak privately-owned independent newspaper Sme website, on 23 August [Commentary by Ivan Stulajter: "Cold war"] The West, together with Ukraine, has invested too much energy and resources in the oil-and gas-rich Caspian region for it not to undertake any measures to make Russian troops withdraw from Georgia.

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Caspian Seal
2013-04-30 14:10:47

The Caspian seal (Pusa caspica) is one of the smallest species in the true seal family that is native only to the Caspian Sea.  It can be seen on shorelines, rocky islands, and ice blocks that occur throughout the sea. In warmer months, these seals will inhabit northern areas of this range, but in colder months, they inhabit cooler waters and the mouths of the Ural and Volga rivers. It is thought that these seals only occur in the Caspian Sea because they moved there during the Quaternary...

2013-02-19 13:06:23

Asia is the world’s largest and most populous continent. It is located mainly in the eastern and northern hemispheres covering 8.7 percent of the Earth’s whole surface area and making up 30 percent of its land area. With about 4.3 billion people, it hosts 60 percent of the world’s current human population. This continent has a high growth rate in the modern era. For example, during the 20th century, Asia’s population almost quadrupled. This continent is defined as making up the...

2007-04-10 16:53:42

The Kutum (Rutilus frisii kutum, family Cyprinidae) also known as "Caspian White Fish", or "Caspian Roach", is a medium sized fresh water and brackish water fish native to the Caspian Sea. It is a subspecies of the Black Sea Roach Rutilus frisii frisii. It is typically a medium sized fish, reaching 17.72-21.65 in (45-55 cm) in length, rarely 27.56 in (70 cm), and weighing up to 8.82 lb (4.00 kg), rarely 11.02 lb (5.00 kg). It used to be very common and was harvested commercially. The...

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