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2008-06-24 03:01:48

By Adams, Helen Colwell Flip on the Disney Channel. It won't be long before you hear Switchfoot. The band's video for This Is Home, from the Prince Caspian soundtrack, has been playing steadily since the Disney/ Walden Media movie was released last month. When the filmmakers approached Switchfoot about a song, drummer Chad Butler said, songwriter Jon Foreman just picked up the paperback copy of the book he had owned since age 8. Butler also grew up with C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia...

2008-06-23 00:00:14

By Rick Fulton NEW blockbuster star Ben Barnes asked NOT to be put on the posters for The Chronicles Of Narnia:Prince Caspian. The handsome Brit will become a worldwide star with his lead role in the second adaptation of the C.S. Lewis story, which is out this Thursday. You just have to look around to see his face on posters everywhere. But the 26-year-old doesn't feel comfortable with the fairytale of fame. Chatting in a London hotel, he shrugged: "I find it a bit embarrassing, to be...

2008-01-28 00:10:00

According to an article published by Associated Press (AP) yesterday, here's a vision of the not-so-distant future: Microchips with antennas will be embedded in virtually everything you buy, wear, drive and read, allowing retailers and law enforcement to track consumer items - and, by extension, consumers, wherever they go, from a distance. A seamless, global network of electronic "sniffers" will scan radio tags in myriad public settings, identifying people and their tastes instantly so that...

2006-08-11 05:58:00

By Alister Doyle, Environment Correspondent OSLO (Reuters) - Caviar lovers may benefit from a five-nation deal entering into force from Saturday meant to clean up the badly polluted Caspian Sea. The Caspian Convention -- grouping Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan -- is the first legally binding document on any subject adopted by the five shoreline states with widely differing political systems. The accord mirrors existing deals for the Mediterranean or Baltic...

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