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Wild Bison Thrive With More Humane And Cost-effective Approach To Population Control
2013-12-18 16:39:04

Santa Catalina Island Conservancy The wild bison roaming Catalina Island are a major attraction for the nearly 1 million tourists who visit the Channel Island's most popular destination every year. But managing the number of bison so that the herd remains healthy and doesn't endanger the health of the rest of the Island has been a major challenge for wildlife biologists. A new study by the Catalina Island Conservancy scientists, published in the December supplement of the Journal of Zoo...

2008-09-04 21:00:19

By Joe Segura There's a fresh coat of lush growth that's turned the scarred landscape into a handsome haven. The Catalina Island Conservancy has been busy nursing the new growth -- breaking through the charred layers left over from last year's fire. The environmental organization has been recruiting volunteers to monitor the revived area, fencing it off so that deer don't wander through the sensitive turf, according to Bob Rhen, a conservancy spokesman. Five strategic sites have...

2005-06-23 21:52:06

AVALON, Calif. (AP) -- Federal and state officials will stop funding a program to reintroduce bald eagles on Santa Catalina Island, but they could restart the project after 2007. Officials representing six environmental agencies made the decision as they determined how to spend $25 million in settlement money over the next five years. A Montrose Chemical Corp. factory near Torrance from 1947 to 1971 flushed the pesticide DDT into Los Angeles County sewers that empty into the ocean off the...

2005-05-24 07:30:00

LOS ANGELES -- An important program that restored bald eagles to Santa Catalina Island after they were wiped out there 40 years ago is in danger of losing its funding to breeding sites on an island farther north. For nearly two decades, biologists have worked to get the adult eagles on Santa Catalina to reproduce without human assistance after contamination from chemical dumping caused their eggs to weaken and dehydrate. Now, a council that funds the project with money from an...

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